How Many Kids Does Amber Portwood’s Fiance Matt Baier Have?

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Last season on Teen Mom OG, Gary Shirley presented ex Amber Portwood with papers that appeared to show her fiance Matt Baier had more kids than he let on. Portwood and Baier have weathered the storms but they have put their wedding plans on hold for a bit. Meanwhile, Portwood is still defending her man, telling Hollywood Life her hopes for viewers watching this season of Teen Mom OG. Portwood stated:

I think one thing people are going to see is how a lot of the child support cases against him were dropped. They’re going to take a step back and say, ‘Oh wow, maybe I was wrong.’ Matt doesn’t have that many kids and he was put out there as this horrible person that he isn’t. It completely shocked him. I had to try to stick with it and stay with him, and thank God I did or it would have been a mistake. We’re doing great today … hat’s not Matt today — that wasn’t even him a couple years ago. I don’t want people to think he’s this slimy guy when he’s so amazing. I want people to see what I see.

When the news of Baier’s children first came out, multiple sources emailed us with information surrounding the story. One of the sources stated:

Matt Baier owes 9 years of child support. He skipped town on his kid and went into hiding so he wouldn’t have to pay. Apparently, he’s done this more than once and may have more children out there.

Granted, there are always two sides to every story. However, one of Baier’s baby mamas, Kelli Nunn, told The Ashleys Reality Roundup that there are actually at least eight children. She also talked about how she met Baier and how his proposal to Amber Portwood was very similar to the one he gave her. Nunn revealed:

The speech he gave before proposing to Amber was almost verbatim to what he told me when he asked me to marry him … We worked in the warehouse together; he came to my house, brought me my favorite flowers, and we started dating. Within a month he had moved in. I found out I was pregnant in September and by October, Matt was GONE! I never heard from him.

So, what’s the deal? How many kids does Baier actually have? In an interview with In Touch, Baier explained:

I have five children [ranging in age from 13 to 25], and all of them have come from long-term relationships … There are not seven child support cases against me — that is completely not true. I paid child support for all my kids … I have an arrangement where I pay for education and a few other things. [However,] I don’t have to pay for two of my girls because they have been emancipated.

Baier has stated that fiancee Amber Portwood has now met each of his children.

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