Bojana Jankovic, Michael Weatherly’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Bojana Jankovic, Michael Weatherly wife, Michael Weatherly family, Michael Weatherly children, Bojana Jankovic bio

Michael Weatherly and Bojana Jankovic in 2010. (Getty)

Michael Weatherly, who stars on CBSBull and played Tony DiNozzo on NCIS, is married to Dr. Bojana Jankovic. The couple have two children, daughter Olivia and son Liam. Weatherly also has a son, August, from his previous marriage to Amelia Heinle.

Here’s a look at the life and career of Jankovic and her relationship with Weatherly.

1. Jankovic Is an Internist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Group & on the Advisory Board for Healthy Child Healthy World

Michael Weatherly wife, Michael Weatherly kids, Bull star, Bojana Jankovic

Bojana Jankovic and their children, Liam and Olivia. (Instagram/dr_bojana)

Jankovic, MD, MS is an internsit at Cedars-Sinai Medical Group and Cedars-Sinai Health Associates. She is also on the advisory board for Healthy Child Healthy World, an organization that informs parents on how to create healthier homes and environments for their children.

Among the causes she cares about are children, education, the environment, health and science and technology, according to her LinkedIn profile. Her love of healthy food is all over her Instagram page, where she’s posted photos of healthy meals.

2. The Couple Met in a Vancouver Bar in 2007

Michael Weatherly wife, Bull star, Bojana Jankovic, Bojana Jankovic bio

Bojana Jankovic and Michael Weatherly at the Bull premiere. (Instagram/dr_bojana)

In a 2010 People Magazine interview, a few months after their marriage in September 2009, Weatherly and Jankovic said that they met in a bar in Vancouver in 2007. At the time, Weatherly was enjoying being single. He had been engaged to Jessica Alba, but they ended their relationship in 2003.

“My friend Colleen was saying, ‘Michael, aren’t you lonely?’ I said, ‘Not really. I’m pretty happy. Works for Clooney,'” Weatherly recalled. But then he saw Jankovic. “I kept looking out of the corner of my eye and seeing this ravishing, gorgeous beauty.”

“We made eye contact,” Jankovic recalled. “And that was it.”

However, at an event in 2012, Weatherly jokingly told Celebuzz that the couple really met at an auction and it was “complicated.”

“It’s kind of a long story,” Jankovic said at the time. “It involves several continents.”

“We have a daughter now, and we don’t want her to find something out on the Internet that we probably should have told her ourselves,” Weatherly added, referring to Olivia, who was six months old at the time.

3. Jankovic & Weatherly Bought a $3.5 Million Home in Hollywood Hills in 2012

Michael Weatherly wife, Bull star, Bojana Jankovic, Bojana Jankovic bio


In 2012, the couple bought a villa in a gated community in the Hollywood Hills for $3.5 million, Trulia reported. The deal closed two days before Olivia was born.

They previously owned a home in Los Angeles, which they sold in May 2012 for $1.8 million.

Their current home was built by designer Fred Smathers and has a two-story turrey endty way, a winding staircase and walls of glass. There is a formal dining room, a newly remodeled kitchen and a family room, plus a balcony and two upstairs bedrooms.

4. She Focused on Endocrinology & Oncology in Her Academic Career & Has Published Research in Journals

Michael Weatherly wife, Michael Weatherly kids, Bull star, Bojana Jankovic

Michael Weatherly and his family goofing around on the Bull set. (Instagram/dr_bojana)

According to Jankovic’s Cedars-Sinai profile, her research has focused on endocrinology and oncology. She has had her worked published in peer-reviewed journals.

In 2003, she graduated from the University of British Columbia with a B.S. in biophysics and earned a Master of Science in Oncology two years later. She became an M.D. in 2009. She has also studied epidemiology at the UCLA School of Public Health, and was in the Internal Medicine Residency program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and West LA Veterans Administration from 2010 to 2013.

On, Jankovic has a five-star rating from patients. She speaks English and Serbo-Croatian.

5. The Couple Have 2 Young Children, Olivia & Liam

Michael Weatherly wife, Bull star, Bojana Jankovic, Bojana Jankovic bio


Weatherly and Jankovic have two children, Olivia, 4, and Liam, 2. He also has a son, August, 20, from his previous marriage. He was married to actress Amelia Heinle from 1995 to 1997. Olivia was born on April 10, 2012. Weatherly announced that Liam was born on October 29, 2013. That day happened to be a Tuesday, the same day of the week NCIS airs.

Weatherly has said that making the switch from NCIS to Bull was at least partly inspired by wanting to spend more time with his family, although the pilot for Bull was filmed in New York.

“The show was a huge success, but I just suddenly realized that I probably had other things that I should be doing,” Weatherly told TV Guide in May 2016. “And then the wanderlust set in. I directed a documentary. I have a production company. And I wanted to spend time with my family.”

Weatherly also told People Magazine that his family has prepared him for his role as producer on Bull.

“It’s exciting to step into a leadership role,” Weatherly said. “It’s been a transition, but I was ready for it. I’m a father… so I’m used to being in a position of authority – although, really, my wife is the boss.”

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