‘Westworld’ Timeline: What Year Does the Show Take Place?



Westworld has a very complicated timeline. So complicated, in fact, that there have been several timelines running concurrently throughout Season 1. Fans have been piecing those timelines together all season, with some lingering questions finally being answered during the finale for Season 1. Some alert fans discovered another fascinating piece of information: exactly what year the events of the Season 1 finale took place. (This post has spoilers through the finale.)

Here’s what you need to know.

An alert fan found an interesting video on DelosIncorporated.com. Redditor Herbrax212 posted about his discovery on Reddit here. The video shows the security lockdown sequence and other clips that we watched during the finale. You can see the video here.

But there’s an interesting clip within the video, which shows the date that the events took place:

westworld year


If you look closely, the screenshot says 6/15/2052. In other words, the events in the finale took place on June 15, 2052. We know that Logan and William arrived in Westworld 30 years ago, which would be around 2022 or 2021, if you deduct 30 years from 2052.

In a previous episode, Dolores said that she last saw Arnold exactly 34 years, 42 days, and seven hours ago. So if it’s 2052, that would put Arnold’s death as taking place in 2018. Want to calculate the exact date? Depending on the time of the events in 2052, Arnold’s death was likely around Friday, May 4 or Saturday, May 5, 2018. This isn’t a perfect calculation, since we don’t know the time that the events took place in the finale. In addition, Dolores gave a time period for when she last saw Arnold before the events of the finale, and we don’t know exactly how many days transpired between the two. We also don’t know if leap year still exists in the future. So a few things could be throwing these calculations off. However, we can likely assume that Arnold’s death took place sometime in May 2018. There have been rumors that Westworld Season 2 may not start until 2018. If that’s the case, maybe something special will happen on the show or on one of the show’s active ARG websites in May 2018.

Read more about Westworld below:

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1 Comment

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