‘Training Day’ Series Premiere: What Time & Channel Is it On?

Training Day TV series premiere, Training Day TV Show, Training Day CBS

(Photo: Robert Voets/CBS)

Training Day, the long-awaited TV adaptation of Antoine Fuqua’s Oscar-winning movie, finally debuts on CBS. The series, which stars Bill Paxton and Justin Cornewell, debuts at 10:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, February 2. Read on for a preview of the series.

Although the series is set 15 years after the 2001 film that won Denzel Washington an Oscar, it doesn’t include any of the characters created by writer David Ayer. At one point, it was rumored that Ethan Hawke would reprise his Oscar-nominated role as Jake Hoyt, but that never materialized. Although Ayer, Hawke and Washington aren’t involved, director Antoine Fuqua is an executive producer on the project.

Instead, the series stars Bill Paxton as the renegade, veteran detective and newcomer Justin Cornwell is the rookie detective who thinks you can solve crimes in Los Angeles by following the rules. Paxton’s Detective Frank Rourke is out to show him otherwise.

Training Day TV series premiere, Training Day TV Show, Training Day CBS

(Photo: Robert Voets/CBS)

DATE: Thursday, February 2, 2017

TIME: 10:00 p.m. ET

TV CHANNEL: CBS (To find your local CBS affiliate, click here.)

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: “Apocalypse Now” – “Kyle Craig, an idealistic police officer, is partnered with morally ambiguous detective Frank Rourke in the LAPD. In the opener, Kyle is assigned to work undercover on Frank’s team and report on his off-book methods. Meanwhile, Frank tutors Kyle in the way of the streets where the ends often justify the means.”

Justin Cornwell as Kyle Craig
Bill Paxton as Detective Frank Rourke
Drew Van Acker as Tommy Campbell
Katrina Law as Detective Rebecca Lee
Alex Scott Davis as Alyse Craig
Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Deputy Chief Joy Lockhart
Julie Benz as Holly Butler
Christina Vidal as Valeria Chavez

Based on the movie Training Day written by David Ayer
Developed by Antoine Fuqua and Jerry Bruckheimer
Written by Will Beall
Executive Producers: Antoine Fuqua, Will Beall, Jerry Bruckheimer and Jonathan Littman

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