James Corden, an unknown to most American audiences, is slated to take over from Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show on CBS.

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What’s the best fantasy football site: ESPN, CBS Sports or Yahoo?

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In the series premiere of CBS’s Extant, Halle Berry stars as an astronaut who returns to Earth after a year-long solo mission and discovers she’s pregnant.

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Halle Berry stars in the new CBS series Extant. Berry plays an astronaut who returns home after a year-long solo mission to her husband and son.

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Here’s a collection of the hottest photos from ‘Reckless’ star Anna Wood.

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Check out the best pictures of Cam Gigandet and his fiancee, Dominique Geisendorff.

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Cam Gigandet is adorable with his two children. Check out the pictures here.

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‘Reckless’ is the most sultry and sexy show on TV this summer, and it premieres this Sunday. Here’s what you need to know.

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Cam Gigandet, who called his former O.C. co-stars “f***ing miserable,” is set to star in Reckless, premiering this Sunday.

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NCIS wraps up season eleven with the death of Gibbs’ father Jackson, played by the late actor Ralph Waite.

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On Thursday’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon has a revelation. It causes him to get drunk, which forces Amy to sleep over in his time of need.

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A “Prince of Wale” clause may let Ferguson take over Letterman’s show, but CBS may buy him out. Both Jon Stewart and Conan O’Brien have eyes on the prime TV slot, too.

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