Taylor Swift Announces Release Date for New Album ‘Reputation’

Taylor Swift snakes


Taylor Swift has made good on her promise for new music.

After dropping a series of mysterious video posts, the pop songstress has announced all the details that fans have been frothing at the mouth to find out; namely, the title of her new album and its official release date.

Swift announced everything on her Instagram account on Wednesday morning, first with an image that simply read “New Single Dropping Tomorrow Night.” There was no title given for the single, but based on prior information that leaked, the single is rumored to be called “Timeless.”

Minutes later, Swift dropped what looks to be some artwork for the album, which is titled Reputation. The black-and-white image shows the singer staring into the camera as her name repeats in a series of pattern designs behind her.

It has yet to be confirmed whether this will be the official album cover or not, but it definitely implies a new visual direction for Swift after her last album 1989.

And last but not least in this trio of internet-breaking news, Swift posted a photo that read: “Reputation: The New Album from Taylor Swift” with a release date of November 10th.” The singer didn’t provide any captions or context for these images, and has yet to comment whether or not we will get to see the tracklist or additional cover art anytime soon.

Needless to say, fans have been in a collective meltdown over the news, with many taking to Twitter to voice just how excited they are to hear Swift return with new music. “All I wanted in life rn was a new taylor swift album oh baby God is good,” wrote one user, while another tweeted out “I’ve been waiting 3 YEARS for a new taylor swift album and now I’m finally getting it omg I love life.”

Other users couldn’t convert their excitement into words, so they opted for the always effective gif reaction, many of which you can view below.

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