Lindsey Stirling Injury Update: Will She Have to Quit ‘Dancing With the Stars’?

UPDATE: Lindsey Stirling was able to push through her rib injury and performed brilliantly on tonight’s episode of DWTS.

Lindsey Stirling has been proving herself to be the front-runner on this season of Dancing With the Stars and she is paired with returning veteran pro Mark Ballas. Unfortunately, her journey to win the mirrorball trophy may be cut short after reports of an injury begin to spread. TMZ first reported the news that Stirling suffered an injury and was rushed to the hospital on Sunday. She was practicing a fast dance move and became pained with “a blunt rib injury and possible separation”. Ballas accompanied Stirling to the hospital and she asked him what would happen if she couldn’t dance on Monday. Ballas sadly told her that she would have to forfeit the competition if she could not perform.

A spokesperson for ABC has confirmed to Variety that Stirling indeed suffered a rib injury. And, in response to hearing that her DWTS days could possibly be over, Stirling exclaimed, “I’m going to be so mad if I’ve blown it. We’ve worked so hard. I push, push, push all the time; it’s how I’ve gotten to where I’m at. But I’m just so afraid that I might have pushed too far.” Earlier this evening, ABC was still not able to reveal whether or not Stirling could perform on tonight’s show. A spokesperson told FOX News, “As of now we still don’t know if Lindsey will be able to dance tonight and continue in the competition.”

Currently, Stirling is not only training for Dancing With the Stars, as she is also preparing for her tour. Just before the injury occurred, Stirling posted the following message on Instagram: Practice this week has been really intense. I’ve been doing full tour rehearsals and full #dwts rehearsals. Lindsey is a YouTube sensation and a skilled violinist. And, now she’s proven that she’s a talented dancer as well. Tonight is the Halloween episode for season 25 of DWTS and Stirling is supposed to be dancing the Paso Doblé to “Roundtable Rival” by Stirling herself. She and Ballas are also supposed to participate in a team dance as part of Team Monster Mash. Others on her team include Nikki Bella, Jordan Fisher and Terrell Owens. Cross your fingers that Stirling is able to perform tonight.

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