Heather Wahlquist, Nick Cassavetes’ Estranged Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Heather Wahlquist, Nick Cassavetes Ex-Wife, Nick Cassavetes Wife, director's wife kidnaps daughter barbie

Getty Heather Wahlquist arrives to the "Alpha Dog" premiere at the Sundance Film Festical held at Eccles Theater on January 27, 2006 in Park City, Utah.

Hollywood director Nick Cassavetes is claiming that his ex, Heather Wahlquist, is responsible for the disappearance of his 12-year-old daughter, Barbarella, or “Barbie”.

Speaking to TMZ, the director said, “My 13-year-old daughter Barbarella Cassavetes has gone missing, her mother repeatedly ignoring and disobeying court orders and stipulations… Heather Wahlquist is on the run, refusing to let me see Barbie, ignoring mandatory court appearances, and evading law enforcement.”

It is unclear if Cassavetes, 58, and Wahlquist, 40, are legally separated at this time.

Read on to learn more about Heather Wahlquist, Nick Cssavetes’ estranged wife.

1. She Plays Cameron Diaz’s Sister in ‘My Sister’s Keeper’

Wahlquist is an actress. She played Sara Tuffington in The Notebook, Julie Bird in John Q, and Aunt Kelly in My Sister’s Keeper. Speaking about working with Cameron Diaz to News OK, Wahlquist explained, “We were truly sisters without being sisters… You’re either faking it or you’re not. In this movie, we weren’t.”

With Cassavetes, Wahlquist also co-wrote the 2012 movie Yellow, which stars Wahlquist as a woman who returns to Oklahoma after struggling in LA. In her interview with News OK, which took place before filming Yellow, Wahlquist explained it was her lifelong dream to film a movie in Oklahoma. “I’m not going to stop until I can do a film in Oklahoma… If I did a film in Oklahoma, I think I could actually rest. I don’t know why … (but) it is relevant to where I’m from.”

Apart from Wahlquist, Yellow stars Ray Liotta, Melanie Griffith, Sienna Miller, Max Theiriot and Riley Keough. Asked by Shatter Japan how she and Cassavetes were able to secure such a stellar cast, Wahlquist said, “They were all first choice. Every one of them went in the hole as far as money goes to do this film. On this film, every person on there was there because they liked the piece and that was so exciting.”

2. Cassavetes Says He Has Filed a Criminal Complaint Against Wahlquist

Cassavetes has filed a police report in reference to his missing daughter, according to TMZ. The report claims that Wahlquist has “been on the run” with Barbie for a month. Cassavetes report also says that Wahlquist is violating their custody arrangement.

Cassavetes says that his calls to his daughter and estranged wife have gone unanswered.

The Notebook director also says that he believes Barbie’s grandparents are involved in her disappearance. “We believe her family, grandmother Linda Massad and great aunt Jeanette Massad Anderson have been assisting in hiding Barbie and have also been served … I don’t know if she is OK or not, and I am extremely concerned for her well-being,” FOX reports Cassavetes as saying.

3. Wahlquist Claims Cassavetes Was Parked Outside Her Home on Christmas Eve

On Tuesday, TMZ interviewed Wahlquist, who said that Cassavetes’ has displayed odd behavior; all in revenge for her leaving him five years ago.

She claims that Cassavetes was parked outside her home on Christmas Eve, which she was spending alone with Barbie. Wahlquist tells TMZ that Cassavetes was taking pictures of them and “following” them around town.

She also referenced an incident in which Cassavetes reportedly sent Barbie a picture “showcasing his ass.” TMZ writes, “[Wahlquist]… mentioned that [Cassavetes] posted a meme of Kevin Spacey along with several games with the caption, ‘Who remembers having to blow these as a kid.’ The words are followed by emojis of women raising their hands.”

Cassavetes has not yet responded to Wahlquist’s statements.

4. Wahlquist Is Cassavetes Second Wife

Heather Wahlquist, Nick Cassavetes Ex-Wife, Nick Cassavetes Wife, director's wife kidnaps daughter barbie

Actor Nick Cassavetes and actress Heather Wahlquist attend the film premiere for “The Last Mimzy” at the Mann Village Theatre on March 20, 2007 in Los Angeles, California.

Wahlquist is Cassavetes’ second wife. It is believed the two met on the set of the 2002 film John Q.

Along with Barbie, Cassavetes shares two children with his first wife, Isabelle Rafalovich: Virginia, 31, and Sasha, 29. According to Live Ramp Up, Cassavetes married Rafalovich in 1985.

Live Ramp Up reports that Sasha was born with a heart defect, and Cassavetes’ dedicated his film John Q, to her.


5. Her Last Acting Job Was in 2013

Heather Wahlquist, Nick Cassavetes Ex-Wife, Nick Cassavetes Wife, director's wife kidnaps daughter barbie

Director Nick Cassavetes (left) and actress Heather Wahlquist pose at the premiere of New Lines’ “The Notebook” on June 21, 2004 at the Village Theatre, in Los Angeles, California.

According to her IMDB, Wahlquist’s last acting job was in 2013, where she played Demi in the short film Love and Skin.

According to IMDB, Heather learned she wanted to be an actor while studying drama at the University of Oklahoma. She moved to Hollywood shortly after graduating.

A 2012 interview with Wahlquist by Shatter Japan describes the actress as “an inquisitive mind, constantly fascinated by people and art.” Shatter Japan goes on to write, “It’s no wonder that she’s absorbing herself in writing and has a down-to-earth head on her shoulders.”