• Emma Presler: Texas Teen Accused in Murder of Woman With Cerebral Palsy

    Emma Presler is an 18-year-old Texas woman who was accused of murder in the drive-by shooting of Sierra Rhodd, a 20-year-old woman with cerebral palsy.

  • Kavion Poplous, a Freshman, Id’d as Suspect in Western Illinois University Shooting

  • Dr. Mahendra Amin Named as Doctor Referred to as ‘Uterus Collector’ in ICE Whistleblower Complaint

  • Portland Man Arrested Twice After Starting Small Fires With Molotov Cocktail: Cops

  • LA Sheriff’s $175,000 Compton Shooting Reward Challenge to LeBron James

  • Jennifer Laude: U.S Marine Deported After Killing Filipino Trans-Woman

    U.S Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton has been released from Filipino prison early after being convicted of the 2014 killing of transgender woman Jennifer Laude.

  • Parents of Murdered Teenager Did Not Live to See Her Killer Brought to Justice

  • Florida Man Shot in Face For Ranting About Slow Service at Smoothie Shop

  • Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Was Not Arrested on Child Porn Charges

  • Jeffrey Mumper: Indiana Man With Cancer Accused Of Murdering Wife & Children Before Suicide

  • Black Accountant Shot by Off-Duty Cop Sparked Cry for Police Reform in Dallas

    In 2018, off-duty police officer Amber Guyger entered Botham Jean's apartment and shot the accountant. Here's what you need to know about his death.

  • Brother of Slain Man Hugged the Killer During Her Trial

  • Tony McDade: No Charges for Officer in Fatal Shooting of Black Trans Man

  • Carlos Espriu Accused in California Firebombing at Republican Office

  • Dr. Robert Hadden: OB-GYN Accused of Sexually Assaulting Evelyn Yang Indicted

  • Brice Gage Watkins: Oklahoma Man Sexually Abused Baby on Video, Police Say

  • 15-Year-Old Accused of Shooting 5 People During Brooklyn Celebration

  • WATCH: Milwaukee Cop Tells Cuffed Man ‘You’re Dead’ in Disturbing Video

  • Florida Man Accused of Killing His Mother After Fight Over Orange Juice & AC

  • DJ Empress Accuses Erick Morillo of Being a ‘Totally Perverted Creep’ in Facebook Post

    DJ Empress called Erick Morillo a "totally perverted creep" in a lengthy Facebook post in which she accuses the late DJ of sexual harassment.

  • Florida Woman Plots Murder of Husband’s Lover as Birthday Present to Herself: Cops

  • Girlfriend Convicted In Boyfriend’s Death Claimed Black or Hispanic Man Was the Killer

  • Charles McMillon: Black Man & Son Shot at by Elderly White Couple While Returning U-Haul

  • How to Watch BTK Killer Documentary Online

  • Woman Posed as Photographer To Murder a New Mother and Kidnap the Baby

    Here's what you need to know about Mary Alice Wry's trial and prison sentence. Wry killed Bonnie Gamboa and kidnapped her 3-day-old baby back in 1980.

  • How Carol Spadoni & Her Mother Eva Petersen Were Killed

  • What Happened to a Baby Kidnapped By His Mother’s Killer?

  • Serenity Dennard: Missing 9-Year-Old’s Family Hires Retired FBI to Find Her

  • Kassanndra Cantrell: Pregnant Washington Woman Goes Missing Before Sonogram

  • Jason Mesich: Minneapolis Man Kills His Wife & Injures 2 Neighbors, Cops Say

    Jason Mesich is charged with murder after police said he killed his wife in their garage before shooting & seriously injuring two neighbors in Bloomington, Minnesota.