‘The Orville’ Live Stream: How to Watch the Season Finale Online Tonight

The Orville Live Stream details

FOX The Orville Live Stream details

Tonight Fox’s hit The Orville premieres its season finale. It will likely be nearly a year before we see our favorite show back on the air. If you don’t want to be spoiled for finale, then you may want to watch the show live, starting at 9 p.m. Eastern on Fox. Can’t get to a television or don’t have cable? For details on how to watch episode live online or on a mobile device, check out the streaming options below.

If You Live in the U.S. & Do Not Have Cable

If you’re in the United States and looking to legally watch the show live online, but you do not have access to a cable or satellite pay-TV login, your only option is to do so via Sling TV, an online streaming service that provides access to select channels for a monthly fee, but offers a free 7-day trial that will allow you to watch the show for free if you sign up. Fox is available through the Blue package, which costs $25 per month after the free trial ends. If you want to stay up-to-date on The Orville, this package could be worthwhile. First, click here to create a Sling account. Select the Blue package, which costs $25 per month after your free trial is over. Then enter your billing information and create an account. Again: You will not be charged until after you’ve completed the free 7-day trial. Download the Sling app on your computer, and begin watching the show.

If you sign up for the free Sling trial, you can watch the show via the Sling app, which you can download for free in the App store or the Google Play store. There’s also a Sling app for Roku, Chromecast, Nexus player, ZTE and XBox One. Click here for a full list of compatible devices.

If You Live in the U.S. & Have Access to a Cable or Satellite Login

Viewers in the United States with cable or satellite provider login credentials can now live-stream all Fox primetime entertainment programming here at fox.com/live. Primetime is defined as 8 to 10 p.m. (7 p.m.-9 p.m. Central Time) Monday-Friday, and 7 to 10 p.m. (6 p.m.-9 p.m. Central Time) on Sundays. The stream sometimes offers a one-hour “preview pass” to first-time users. If you want to watch more than an hour of programming or you’ve already used your preview pass, you’ll need to log in with your cable or satellite provider credentials.  Go to fox.com/live. Scroll over the player and click “Sign In.” Click on the correct tile to choose your cable or satellite provider. Enter your user ID and password, and click the button to submit.

Viewers in the United States with cable or satellite login credentials can also live-stream all Fox primetime entertainment programming via the Fox Now app. Download the Fox Now app from the App StoreGoogle Play storeAmazon store (for Kindle fire), Windows store or Windows phone store. The app is also available for Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One, XBox 360, Samsung Smart TVs and Blue-Ray players, Chromecast, Android TV and Fire TV. After launching the app, open the menu and select “Live TV.” Click on “Sign In” at the bottom of the screen, select your pay-TV provider, and enter your user ID and password.

Additional Options for Watching After the Show Airs

Here are a few additional options for watching the show after it airs. Some of these may not release new episodes until the next day. The Orville is free on Yahoo View for U.S. subscribers currently, but it will include ads. (Note: If you get an error saying ads are blocked, try clearing your browser’s cache, quit and restart the browser, update the browser, or try a different browser. This method sometimes has glitches.) Amazon Video isn’t free, but works for international viewers too. Hulu is another option, but it’s not free. Google Play is another pay options. In Canada you can watch on CityTV.

Episode Preview

To get ready for tonight’s episode, you’ll want to watch this preview first. Will the crew have to sacrifice one of their own? And if so, who will it be?

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