‘Rick and Morty Bushworld Adventures’: When Did Rick Say ‘They’re Bureaucrats; I Don’t Respect Them’ to Morty?

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If you’re watching the latest very strange episode of Rick and Morty, called Bushworld Adventures, then you may be wondering about the origin of a certain line that was said during the episode. When did Rick say “They’re bureaucrats; I don’t respect them” in a previous episode?  This post has spoilers for Bushworld Adventures. 

During the strange Bushworld Adventures special, Rick shoots a cashier and tells Morty that it’s OK, he was just a bureaucrat. Rick is actually quoting himself from a canon episode when he says: “They’re bureaucrats; I don’t respect them.” Morty points out in Bushworld that this quote seems to be out of context, and he’s right. The full quote was: “It’s a figure of speech, Morty. They’re bureaucrats, I don’t respect them. Just keep shooting Morty. You have no idea what prison is like here.”

Here’s the scene that this quote is originally from. Rick said the quote during a previous canon episode, when Morty shot a Federation guard, thinking he was a robot, and then learned he wasn’t. (We originally thought this was from Season 3, but it actually happened in Season 1 Episode 1. In fact, quite a few scenes from this Bushworld special seemed to pay homage to the series’ premiere.)

Rick was talking about the Galactic Federation and who he had to shoot so they wouldn’t end up in their prison (which we later learned was definitely a place you didn’t want to go.) So yes, shooting a regular ol’ cashier was definitely out of context. The Rick in Bushworld seems to have even fewer morals and scruples than C-137 Rick.

It definitely seems fitting that this special episode picked one of fans’ favorite Rick and Morty jokes to use. A lot of the episode seemed to pay homage to the series premiere, and even a little to that sketch the Justin Roiland made before Rick and Morty was ever created. Tonight we got to see a parody of a parody of a parody, in some sense.

And this parody was a lot rougher around the edges than a typical Rick and Morty, that’s for sure. There were even moments when Rick threatened Morty, like when he held a portal gun to Morty’s head. So far, fans’ reactions to this special have been mixed. Some think it’s great, and some aren’t too pleased.

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