‘American Idol’ 2018 Winner Results: Who Won Tonight?

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On tonight’s episode of American Idol, the first results were revealed about halfway through the finale episode, letting viewers know who the top 2 competitors were. Out of Maddie Poppe, Caleb Lee Hutchinson and Gabby Barrett, Hutchinson and Poppe were the 2 contestants who made it through to the final two. This was a bit of a surprise, as Barrett has definitely been a fan favorite this season. The judges looked so surprised that Barrett did not move on.

In a major twist of fate, the top two artists, Poppe and Hutchinson revealed on tonight’s finale that they are dating. That’s right. These two are boyfriend and girlfriend, and they were competing head-to-head for the win. So, which one of them is the 2018 winner of American Idol? And the singer who has won is … Maddie Poppe.

Upon hearing the news that she had won, Poppe and Hutchinson embraced in a hug before he exited the stage. Poppe began to cry and she was then met with a hug from host Ryan Seacrest. For a final celebration, Poppe grabbed her guitar and struggled to perform her original song “Going Going Gone” as she cried tears of joy. Watching in excitement and with pride, the three judges rose from their chairs and cheered her on. Then, all of her fellow contestants rushed the stage to tackle her with a giant hug. Poppe then shared the microphone with each one of them, performing the song as a group. It was an adorable celebration, showing the closeness that the contestants share with one another. Katy Perry rushed the stage as well to join in.

Tonight’s finale was filled with highlights from the season, celebrity performances and bloopers. Each of the contestants took the stage for performances as well. Some of the stars who showed up included LeAnn Rimes, Jason Aldean and Jimmy Kimmel.

Judge Lionel Richie killed the opening with his iconic “All Night Long” and later on, Judge Katy Perry took the stage to perform with cast-off contestant Catie Turner, singing Perry’s song “Part of Me”. More of the show’s cast-offs appeared tonight, to perform classic hits for viewers as well.

What was seriously adorable tonight was the duet between Hutchinson and Poppe. Just after they revealed they were a couple, they took the stage for a duet of the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole. As their families watched and smiled from the crowd, the two couldn’t help but blush as they performed together. And, towards the end of their performance, the two held hands before embracing in a shy hug.

Following the performance, Ryan Seacrest revealed that the show was sending the love birds on a trip to Hawaii together, but, of course, their parents would come to supervise them.

Taking the mood to a new level, cast-off Ada Vox then took the stage with a huge wig and train for a sensational performance of “Lady Marmalade.” And, halfway through the performance, the legendary Patty Labelle joined in for the fun. It was a night full of action, love and surprises.