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Drake’s “In My Feelings” continue to spawn dozens of viral trends, but the most intriguing aspect of the song are the identities of the women that Drake references in the lyrics. On the chorus, the rapper sings of four women: “Kiki,” “KB,” “‘Resha” and “JT.” This is nothing new for Drake, who’s made a career out of referencing women from his past, but the interest in who these women are supersedes any who came before.

One of these women, “Kiki,” is believed to be Keshia Chanté, whom Drake dated as a teenager and who has perpetuated the theory online (you can read more about her here). Another one of these women is believed to be K’yanna Barber, an Oakland resident who Drake was romantically linked to sometime last year.

Read on to learn about Barber, her relationship with Drake, and her feelings about “In My Feelings”:

1. She Reportedly Met Drake Backstage At a 2016 Concert

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Billboard reports that Barber, 24, attended one of Drake’s concerts during the Summer Sixteen Tour. The following year, the gossip outlet MTO News claimed that Barber went to visit the rapper at his mansion in Toronto. Drake unfollowed and then followed Barber on Instagram, according to MTO, which suggests that they had a falling out at one point, and then patched things up.

MTO further speculates that Barber visited Drake when he was staying in Los Angeles, California, and then again in Toronto. The rapper has never publicly addressed his relationship with Barber.

Drake has been candid about dating fans in the past, telling W Magazine that he prefers women who share his hometown. “Most people I know stay in Toronto. I plan to spend the rest of my life there. The talk, the smell, the sound that comes out of that city is home to me,” he said. “When I think about the girls I want to get romantic with, it’s a girl from Toronto who knows what I’m talking about when we drive around the city.”

2.  She Claimed That Her Nickname Was ‘Kiki’ On Twitter

Genius originally listed Keshia Chanté as the woman that Drake is referencing on the opening chorus to “In My Feelings”, but they retracted their statement a few days later, saying that a reliable source told them otherwise. They listed Barber as the woman that Drake references, citing the use of her initials “KB” as evidence.

Barber has neither confirmed nor denied these claims, but she has teased the notion of her being “KB” on Twitter. In a series of tweets between July 4th and July 9th, Barber copied lyrics from “In My Feelings,” particularly the ones that are allegedly about her like “KB DO U LUV ME?” She also tweeted out confirmation that her nickname is in fact Kiki, saying: “My name Kiki b**ch.”

This Post is from a suspended account. Learn more

This Post is from a suspended account. Learn more

Barber also retweeted a message that pokes fun at the suggestion that Drake’s new album doesn’t have “bangers,” but once someone plays “In My Feelings,” everyone starts dancing. “Y’all really don’t know how much i love this,” she commented.

A Twitter user named @mrsbandz tweeted out: “That moment when all these bitches that don’t like you singing a song made about you ?????  my sister really go crazy.” Its unclear whether she is actually Barber’s sister or not.

3. She Defended Drake After the Drama Involving His Son Adonis

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In addition to her lyrical references on Twitter, Barber has also spoken up regarding Drake and the recent drama that has surrounded his son Adonis. After one user tweeted a photo of Drake and Future with the caption: “What a Time to Be a Deadbeat,” in reference to the duo’s collaborative 2015 mixtape What a Time to Be Alive, Barber tweeted back, writing:

Y’all really got him f**ked up, just because he doesn’t post the baby and announce to the public doesn’t mean he doesn’t take care of the child, a baby is not an accessory… y’all wanted a “ if you’re reading this he’s already born “ album so bad.

When another user commented that Drake previously “bashed” on the mother of his child, model and former adult actress Sophie Brussaux, Barber replied: “I refuse to believe it.”

Drake has been under fire since confirming that he does have a son on his new double album Scorpion. The closing track, “March 14th,” directly addresses his son, and the shortcomings that will have to overcome to be a better father. To learn more about Drake and his relationship with his son Adonis, click below.

4. There Is Still Debate Whether She or Keshia Chanté Is the ‘Real’ Kiki


While Barber has alluded to the fact that she is “Kiki,” or at least “KB,” there are many who believe that Keshia Chanté is a more likely candidate. Chanté has a long personal history with Drake, dating back to when they were teenagers in Toronto, and Drake has referenced her in songs past, including the remix to 2006’s “Fallin'” and 2007’s “Deceiving,” where Drake mentions Chanté’s mother Tessa by name.

Drake has referred to Chanté as one of his lyrical muses, and he also dedicated the song “Madonna,” off his 2015 mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, to her.

Chanté has been taken the recent attention she’s gotten in stride, and even posted screenshots of DM conversations between her and Drake’s fans. “I’m so sorry to say this but can u please tell Drake that u love him (not as a bf),” joked one user. “He really wants an answer. He’s [sic] also wants to know if you’ll stand beside him. Just talk to him. Thanks.”

While the argument over whether Chanté or Barber is the real “Kiki” rages on, some fans have pointed out that Drake appears to name four different women in his chorus, implying that “Kiki” may be a reference to Chanté, and “KB” may be a reference to Barber.

5. She & Drake Were Spotted At a Club Together Last Weekend

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#Drake last night at Delilah in LA.

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Barber and Drake were spotted partying together at Delilah’s in West Hollywood this past weekend. According to Complex, the rapper and his father Dennis Graham pulled up to the Hollywood hotspot on Saturday, and videos of their partying surfaced on Instagram late the same night.

In a since deleted Instagram post, Barber’s friend @hyphywifeyy shared a video of her and Barber with Drake dancing in the background, and wearing the same outfit he was spotted wearing in his earlier posts. You can view the deleted post here.

Complex also revealed that Barber is associated with Hyphey Hoochies.