Joe ‘the Grocer’ Amabile and Kendall Long’s Fate on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Joe Amabile and Kendall Long

ABC/Paul Hebert

Joe “the Grocer” Amabile and Kendall Long have had an up and down romance on Bachelor in Paradise 2018. So, what is the deal with the couple? Are they still together after BIP? Did they break up? How did they leave paradise? Get all the SPOILERS on the two cast members below.

Amabile and Long struck up a romance together at the start of the season, but when Leo Dottavio showed up, he caused some issues. Dottavio ended up taking Long out on a date and Amabile was hurt that she accepted the date. He was even more hurt to know that she had kissed Dottavio and greatly enjoyed their time together. Despite this, he was determined to follow his heart.

Dottavio was later outed for kissing fellow cast member Chelsea Roy after his date with Long and it caused a fire to erupt within Dottavio. He attempted to turn the blame around on Long and it blew up in his face, which resulted in his lashing out at the other cast members on the show as well. He even called Amabile a “grocery store bitch”, according to TMZ.

According to Reality Steve Amabile and Long do not leave paradise as a couple, which means that there is a break up of some kind. But, the two reportedly still hang out and follow each other on Instagram. Long does not follow Dottavio.

Reality Steve revealed that this season on BIP5, “At the cocktail party before the final rose ceremony, Kendall and Joe broke up. They had been with each other a majority of the show and ended it. However, if you paid close attention to social media this weekend, Kendall was in Chicago visiting Joe. You see those picturesattepted to he took with David and John? Yeah, that was Kendall who was taking the pictures. Trust me, she was there. People saw them together certainly acting like a couple. However, Kendall five days earlier was in Atlanta at a watch party that fans attended, and she was pretty much flirting it up with Alex Bordy (Rachel’s season) and Michael Garofola.”

He added, “Needless to say, Kendall is enjoying being single in Bachelor Nation. Good on her I guess. So even though she was with Joe this past weekend in Chicago, they broke up at the cocktail party before the final rose ceremony.”

Grocer Joe Amabile has become a fan-favorite on the show, so fans are surely going to be displeased that he and Long do not work out. In addition, ABC has reported that Long strays from Amabile, not only with Dottavio, but with another man as well this season. Ouch.

According to People, Long kisses fellow BIP5 cast member John Graham, who tells the cameras that, “Kendall and Joe are really close, and women have the power. I have no idea if I’m going to get a rose at this next rose ceremony, but Kendall and I, since day one, have had something. I don’t know what that is yet, but I want to see what happens next.”

Though Long kisses Graham, she admits that, “I really enjoy being around John and we talk so easily and we have similar interests. It just feels really great. But as soon as we kissed, I just freaked out — because I care about Joe so much. I didn’t expect to kiss John. I just don’t want to lose Joe.” Well, Long may not lose Amabile at this point, but the two break things off before the show comes to an end.