What Was the Song at the End of the ‘Yellowstone’ Finale? [VIDEO]

Paramount Yellowstone

If you’re like me, then that song at the end of the Yellowstone really moved you. The singer talked about mercy, a man’s work almost being over, and how people in power will do anything to keep their crown. The scene at the end of the Yellowstone finale, as Kevin Costner walked toward the beautiful mountains and the music played in the background, really touched many fans’ hearts.

If you are wondering what the song is and who the artist is, we have all the information for you and a video.

The song is “Mercy Now’ by Mary Gauthier. Here’s a video of her performing the song:

The song was absolutely phenomenal and perfect for that final scene.

Mary Gauthier has had an intense life that has helped make her songs raw and authentic. She ran away from home at 15 and spent several years in halfway houses and rehab. She even spent her 18th birthday in jail. She has been sober ever since one fateful night in 1990 when she was arrested for drunk driving. She wrote her first song at 35, which just goes to show that you can always achieve your dreams. The American Music Association awarded her New Artist of The Year. Mercy Now was her first major label release, in 2005, and was on Top 10 lists for dozens of publications, even Billboard Magazine and The New York Times.

What did you think of the song? Do you agree that it was the perfect ending for the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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