Mac Miller & Nomi Leasure: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Getty Mac Miller's ex girlfriend Nomi Leasure was one of his most significant relationships.

Mac Miller, who died on September 7, 2018, had a long-term girlfriend by the name of Nomi Leasure, although they broke up several years before his death, and she was not the most famous woman he dated. She was a very significant relationship for him, however. Mac Miller never had a wife, but in his 26 years, Leasure was most likely the closest he came to a lengthy and lasting steady flame.

The more famous relationship distinction goes to singer Ariana Grande, whom Miller dated for a couple years after he and Leasure broke up. However, Nomi Leasure clearly paid a significant role in Miller’s life due to the length of time they dated, and the fact that he included the relationship in some of his music.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Mac Miller Began Dating Nomi Leasure in High School

Mac Miller and Nomi Leasure ♥Mac Miller and his beautiful Girlfriend, Nomi Leasure. ♥ Mac's FB: Mac's Twitter: @MacMiller2012-11-04T18:21:18.000Z

Nomi Leasure was Mac Miller’s high school girlfriend. Most accounts say that Nomi and Miller broke up in 2015 and dated for seven to eight years. Some accounts say they knew each other since middle school. What’s clear is that Miller’s ties to Nomi go way back before he became an adult. He took her to his high school prom, and, at one point, they moved to Brooklyn, New York from Los Angeles.

On Twitter, Nomi writes that she lives in Brooklyn, New York. She defines herself as “Radically compassionate tough talk.” She tweeted at him through 2015, describing herself as his girlfriend.

In 2012, she wrote, “@macmiller Europe called, they cancelled your tour. So you can come home now.” She has not tweeted about his death. On Facebook, Leasure wrote that she worked as a “Senior Account executive at Optimist Inc.” and was a former office apprentice at KDKA-TV, a CBS New Pittsburgh affiliate. She studied at Temple University, went to Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts School, lives in Brooklyn, and is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

2. Songs on Miller’s Mix-Tape Macadelic Were About His Relationship With Nomi Leasure

All About Nomi Leasure (Webisode 17)It's QLCThursday!! Find out more about the girl behind Naomi Spencer!! Learn more about Nomi Leasure! Tune in this fall for QLC! Like our Facebook page and spread the QLC love!! *We do not own the rights to the music used in this video2012-06-07T16:10:07.000Z

Miller’s relationship with ex-girlfriend Nomi Leasure was preserved in his 2013 mix-tape called Macadelic. Nomi Leasure and Mac Miller went through a lot together, as she was with him during a period of time in which he struggled with addition.

Some lyrics that are reportedly about Nomi Leasure are these: “You was there before the fancy cars and/ You was there when I was just a starving artist/ when the car was having trouble startin’/ Now we got our own apartment/ same box for the mail/ Same hamper for the laundry, the food in the fridge is stale.”

He asks his girlfriend to stay in one song, according to DBK News. However, in the end, the relationship ends.

3. Nomi Leasure Writes an Advice Column for an Online Magazine

Nomi’s Twitter page links to a site called Taylor Magazine that is filled with articles that often start with the words, “Dear Nomi.” The articles are in many cases organized in sort of a Dear Abby style advice column format.

One writer asked Leasure for advice about relationships and marriage. She advised the confused wife, “It doesn’t sound like all hope is lost with your husband. You speak amicably about him, it just seems like maybe he’s not supporting you in the ways you need. It may be because he doesn’t know quite how you feel or that he doesn’t have the tools he needs to support you in the right ways. Unfortunately, we often think our partners can tell exactly how we’re feeling without us actually having to say anything and, from experience, that is rarely the case.”

Meet Nomi from the Pittsburgh CW Green Team!Check out more at !2014-04-07T20:02:00.000Z

Many of the articles deal with relationships. In one advice column dealing with depression, Nomi advised, “Depression is a silent, creeping beast – impossible to see with the naked eye but oppressively ever present for those who suffer from it. It’s important to understand that depression is a chemical imbalance within the brain, not simply a “bad mood” that persists over the course of a few days. Those suffering from depression can’t just “get over it” or “look on the bright side” and have their depression symptoms go away. Managing severe depression often requires a balance of prescribed medication, psychotherapy or psychiatry, and lifestyle changes.”

She also has a personal blog, which you can read here. The about me section for it reads, “This is the personal blog of Nomi Leasure, which was started out of a frustration with never being able to read my own handwriting in written journals. I cover sexuality and relationships with a focus on the holistic personal growth of young women. I am a regular contributor to UK based Taylor Magazine where I oversee an advice column three years in the running.”

4. Nomi Sometimes Advocates Political Positions on Social Media

Naomi has tweeted in support of Andrew Gillum, the Democratic candidate for Florida governor and about Michelle Obama. She urged Texans to elect Ted Cruz’s opponent in the U.S. Senate. She wrote of Donald Trump: “For the record: Trump is a sleazy liar as is everyone in his orbit. I just feel my braincells fizzling out every time I see a headline about this.”

In June 2018, she wrote, “Filling the soon-to-be-vacant Supreme Court seat with an ultra-conservative justice could lead us to a place where safe and legal abortions are a thing of the past. Don’t let Handmaid’s Tale become our reality. Call your senators…”

Her posts cover many topics, though. She wrote, “I haven’t written about love since it stopped breaking my heart.”

5. Mac Miller, Who Died of an Overdose, Dated Ariana Grande Shortly After Nomi

Mac Miller died on September 7, 2018, reportedly of an overdose. The rapper was discovered dead at his home in the San Fernando Valley.

After he and Nomi Leasure broke up, he began dating the singer Ariana Grande, although they were no longer together at the time of his death. They dated for two years.

Ariana Grande Instagram


Mac Miller was only 26. According to Page Six, Ariana called the relationship “toxic,” and once wrote on social media, “How absurd that you minimize female self-respect and self-worth by saying someone should stay in a toxic relationship because he wrote an album about them, which btw isn’t the case (just Cinderella is ab me). I am not a babysitter or a mother and no woman should feel that they need to be.”

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