Robby Hayes and Shushanna Mkrtychyan on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Robby Hayes and Shushanna Mkrtychyan


When Shushanna Mkrtychyan arrived on Bachelor in Paradise, she went on a date with Kamil Nicalek, who was already dating Annaliese Puccini. Fortunately for Puccini, Nicalek realized on the date that he did not have a connection with Mkrtychyan and he wanted to be with Puccini. Mkrtychyan was thrown off and it started to hinder her outlook on the show. Fortunately for her, she was saved at a recent rose ceremony, but she still hadn’t found another man she wanted to pursue.

This week on BIP5, a veteran cast member, Robby Hayes, arrives in paradise. Unfortunately for Hayes, he does not have the best reputation. In the past, he was accused of being on the show for the wrong reasons. And, as Jordan Kimball tells his cast-mates on the show, Hayes was rumored to have cheated on Amanda Stanton. Stanton and Hayes got together on the previous season of Bachelor in Paradise, but, once the show ended, Hayes was accused of infidelity, according to People. When Stanton made the claims, Hayes responded to Stanton on social media.

Hayes denied the cheating allegations, writing online that, “Yes, I’m friendly and personable with many people, but I have respect for myself and even the person I’m casually dating, so I keep my interactions appropriate. I don’t use the media or my friends to handle personal relationship misunderstandings, as we just saw them do, and have seen happen many times before. History is repeatedly showing that some people thrive off of using the media and their ‘army’ to manipulate viewers to place one-sided blame, constantly play the ‘victim’ and use their friends to try and assassinate one’s character. Your story-line is getting OLD; at some point it’s just on YOU to stop living a double-life, and at this point, everyone sees through it.”

Now, Hayes arrives in paradise again and he definitely has a rose on his mind. But, before we get into the spoilers on him, THIS IS YOUR MAJOR SPOILER WARNING.

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Hayes does not get the warmest welcome when he arrives, mainly because of his shady past and the fact that most of the women are already coupled up. Hayes tells Shushanna Mkrtychyan that his intentions are true and he’s leaving the past in the past. But, it’s so late in the game. Does anyone think this is a long-lasting relationship?

According to Reality Steve, Mkrtychyan does give Hayes her rose, but the two do not make it to the end of the season together as a couple. When the couple’s are given the opportunity for overnight dates, it causes several of the couples to reevaluate their relationships. This was Hayes’ third shot at love on national television. Hayes first competed on Jojo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette. Recently, Us Weekly reported that Hayes was casually dating Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie.

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Episode 10 airs tonight and fans may see some of their favorite couples break up, while others will continue to date. Tomorrow night will air the finale, along with the reunion, in one episode, according to Life & Style.

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