Da Baby Shooting: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Man shot, killed inside Walmart in HuntersvilleIt happened at the store on Bryton Town Center near the intersection of I-77 and I-485, close to the Northlake Mall.2018-11-06T04:04:31.000Z

Da Baby took to Instagram to talk about a shooting that took place in a Walmart that he was rumored to have been involved in. The fatal shooting took place at a Walmart store in Huntersville on the night of November 5, the Huntersville Police Department said in a statement. The press release says that a Huntersville cop was in the parking lot when the shooting took place. That officer said that he heard two to three shots being fired. When that officer entered the store, he came into contact with a group who had been involved in an altercation that led to the shooting. When reached by Heavy.com, Da Baby’s management repeatedly said that there was “No comment” from his camp about the incident.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. It’s Unclear if Any Charges Will Be Filed in the Case

The Huntersville Police Department identified the deceased man as Jayln Domonique Craig, 19. He had been shot in the abdomen and was pronounced dead at the scene. The statement says, “At this time, the Huntersville Police Department has identified all parties involved and are consulting with the District Attorney’s Office with, what if any charges will be filed.

2. Da Baby Has Denied Using the Shooting to Promote His New Album


In an Instagram post, Da Baby, real name Jonathon Kirk, addressed the rumors that had swirled on Twitter and throughout multiple blogs that he had been involved in the shooting. An extremely graphic image of the victim was also circulated on social media. Da Baby railed against those who had suggest the shooting had all been a hoax in order for him to hype his new album.

3. One Friend Said He Heard Jalyn Domonique Craig ‘Got Into an Altercation With Some Rapper

Teen shot, killed inside Huntersville Walmart identifiedThe teen who was shot and killed inside a Huntersville Walmart has been identified.2018-11-06T22:32:08.000Z

The victim’s friend, Jaden Major, told WSOC-TV, “We just heard he got into an altercation with some rapper. That’s what was going around on Instagram… It hurt me, and it hurt a couple of his friends because they called me crying about it.”

Speaking to the station, an employee of the Walmart, Christian Diaz, said, “We just heard a bunch of gunshots.” Walmart released a statement about the shooting saying, “We are deeply saddened by what has happened. We are thankful for the quick actions by the Huntersville Police Department that has resulted in an arrest. We are working closely with law enforcement. Since this is an active investigation, we will refer additional questions to them.”

4. A SWAT Team Happened to Be Training Close to Where the Shooting Took Place

VideoVideo related to da baby shooting: 5 fast facts you need to know2018-11-06T18:17:45-05:00

In addition to the Huntersville Police Department officer who was nearby, WRAL reports that a SWAT team was training close to the Walmart. The store is located in the 1000 block of Bryton Town Center Drv. Huntersville Police Chief Cleveland Spruill told the media that there were “a lot” of people in the store at the time of the shooting. Spruill, via the Charlotte Observer, added, “It’s very uncommon for [the shooting] to happen. We don’t have shootings inside of any retail store.” One witness, Denise Burton, told WSOC about her experience saying, “I don’t want to be a sitting duck, so as soon as I saw the coast was clear, I just wanted to get my daughter out of here.”

5. Da Baby Changed His Name From Baby Jesus in 2017

DaBaby (Baby Jesus) – “NEXT SONG” [Official Video]Directed by: @theflyfamily_ Instagram: @DaBaby “BLANK BLANK” OUT EVERYWHERE NOW!2018-11-02T14:17:06.000Z

Da Baby changed his name from Baby Jesus in 2017. He explained to XXL Magazine about the name change, “2017 will be the year of DaBaby. The name change, it just shows me the amount of love and respect people have for me. To change the name and not lose any traction, that’s something a lot of people have trouble doing. When it comes to 2017, we’re ready to work.” Da Baby said that he began rapping in 2014 and that he grew up listening to Lil Wayne and Eminem. Da Baby also described not being compared to anyone. He says, “I’ve run into fans all over and we have in-depth conversations about how mind-blowing it is that I don’t sound like anyone else. I made that a point when I was creating my sound from the beginning, I didn’t want to sound like anybody.” Da Baby also mentioned an instance where, “Five people ran into my house with guns and masks on and I legally shot somebody and they took off.”

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