RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4, Episode 3 Live Recap: The Snatch Game of Love

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4

VH1It’s time to get our Snatch Game on!

Warning: This post contains spoilers from tonight’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4!

Last week was drama-for-your-mama as Gia Gunn and Farrah Moan revisited past beef that, for Gia, conveniently crept into the storyline while Farrah sat in the bottom two. While Gia’s theatrical performance certainly caused a tussle in the Werk Room, it was the Christina Aguilera-channeling Farrah who sashayed away from the competition. But all of that is said and done because this week brings us The Snatch Game! We’ll be recapping all the glamour live, so refresh to read the latest.

“This is All Stars, this is not…give a third chance to a girl.” That’s some Valentina realness for you, said shortly after slaying a lip-synch that won her last week’s episode and sent Farrah packing. Gia doesn’t miss a beat, attempting to make the elimination all about her, yet Monique Heart just isn’t having it. But that’s in the past now because Episode 3 is getting right to it: The Snatch Game. And for the first time in Drag Race Her-story, the contestants are playing The Snatch Game of Love.

In the Werk Room, Naomi looks to prove herself, while Monét X Change feels the pressure coming off a solid Snatch performance in Season 10. Manila Luzon and Latrice Royale discussed how much the art of drag has been elevated and how they need to bring it rather than coast through. “It’s time to step. it. up. I want to win a challenge,” said Latrice. Cut to Gia revving up the drama once again when she and Trinity the Tuck both decide to be Caitlyn Jenner for the game. Aaaand commercial!

Gia thought everyone was going to let her be Jenner since Gia and Jenner are both Trans. (No dice, heeenny!) Gia backs down, but not before throwing tons of shade Trinity’s way.

The Snatch personas are as follows: Monét is taking on Whitney Houston, Naomi Smalls dons Wendy Williams, Trinity wins the Jenner argument, while Valentina takes on Eartha Kitt and almost immediately gets crickets. (Yikes!) Freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy is here to judge the first four contestants, while Valentina continues…doing whatever the heck she’s trying to pull off up there. Trinity’s Jenner gets big laughs out of Ru and Gus. “Caitlyn Jenner is really stealing the show and I am so entertained,” said Naomi in an interview. And you know what? She’s right. Kenworthy chooses Trinity as the winner of Round 1 and it’s completely deserved. Well done, Tuck!

Our next batch of celebrity Snatchlorettes: Monique takes on Tiffany Haddish, Manila is Barbra Streisand, Gia is Jenny Bui (Cardi B’s nail tech), and Latrice takes Della Reese (and I’m really rooting for Latrice!) Our next Snatchelor: actor and dancer Keiynan Lonsdale. Thanks to Gia, the crickets are back, but “Barbra” and “Della” waste no time riffing on Gia’s misfortune. Latrice has a hard time staying in character when she gets beyond annoyed at Gia’s suckery, but “Barbra” continues cashing in on the awkwardness and takes the victory for Round 2!

Back in the Werk Room, Monique and Monét call Gia a “trainwreck” (behind her back, of course), while Trinity tells Valentina that she had the character down, but needed to make it funny. Gia confronts Latrice about being annoyed and Latrice tells her she was distracted by Gia.

Latrice then opens up about her strong religious background and the hurdles it raised for her. “I did fight the fight to get marriage equality passed in all 50 states, and knowing I can actually, legally love the person I love and feel traditional was the biggest triumph I ever felt,” said Latrice. So many feels.

Monét sidesteps the conversation to aliens and then alien drag queens, and I guess we all need a little bit of whatever she’s smoking. Enter: Mama Ru on the runway!

Runway highlights included: Monét’s motor cross realness, Naomi’s Viking warrior princess (#demhorns), and Valentina’s body-length nude get-up. Manila’s leather-daddy bunny lewk was certainly a WTF moment, but will the judges love it or loathe it?

Monique Heart and Monét X Change are safe leaving the tops and the bottoms on the runway for judgment. Naomi’s performance as Wendy Willians was praised, while she was docked a bit for not quite nailing the boots challenge. Ross Matthews called Trinity’s Snatch Game one of his favorite Snatch performances ever. Manila’s Snatch was deemed fire for being a “caricature of a caricature.” Trinity the Tuck and Manila become the top two All Stars of the week and win a bunch of swag, but before they can really celebrate, they’ve got to slay a lip-synch and make a tough decision between the bottom two: Gia and Valentina.

Trinity and Manila pow-wow about who to eliminate. Do they give Gia another chance to grow as a person, therefore knocking out one of the biggest competitors in Drag Race her-story? Trinity isn’t feeling it, but Manila’s tempted to change the course of the entire competition should she win the lip-synch.

Gia puts on the waterworks for Manila, and talks about finally finding who she is. Trinity spills the beans to Valentina about Manila maybe sending her home which fires up the spiciest of the queens. Valentina reacts by chugging Trinity’s booze. Solid choice. But when Manila pitches a semi-alliance to Valentina, she sidesteps and doesn’t seem the slightest bit shook. She’s a tough cookie and I like it.

The lip-synch song of choice is “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston and both queens come out of the gate swinging. Midway through, it becomes obvious that Manila’s taking this one home and that she does. As we all know, with great power comes great responsibility…and Manila chooses to eliminate Gia Gunn. As it is written, so it shall be done.

Now let the music play!

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