Roy Fowl Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Roy Fowl Dead

Twitter/Roy Fowl Jamaican music promoter and drug smuggler Roy Fowl.

Roy Fowl aka Owen Clarke aka Father Fowl was shot dead on February 22 in Kencot St. Andrew, an area in the Jamaican capital, Kingston. He was 61 years old. Jamaican-based reporter Abka Fitz-Henley was the first to break the news about Fowl’s death in a series of tweets. Fowl, who in addition to his music career was also a prominent drug smuggler, was shot by two men on motorcycles while he partied with a group of people on a street, Fitz-Henley reported, who obtained a video of Fowl in his final moments:

The Jamaica Star reports that Fowl died in front of his red Range Rover.

Fowl Was Jailed in England in 2004 for Running an International Drug Ring

Fowl, who was affiliated with the infamous Yardie gang during his life, was jailed for 13 years in England in 2004. His sentence was later reduced to 11 years. Authorities said that Fowl had been running a drug smuggling ring from his home in the Sudbury neighborhood of London. A police raid on that home yielded more than 100 pounds of cocaine.

Judge William Kennedy remarked at sentencing, “Those who deal in class A drugs deal in death. Those who supply others are responsible indirectly and directly for much of the violent, acquisitive crime which so terrifies decent people and shatters the lives of so many.” Kennedy added that it had been Fowl’s “arrogance,” such as reports about him burning money for show and leaving the price tag on expensive clothing, led to his arrest. The judge did not recommend Fowl for deportation at the time of sentencing but did say that he hoped Fowl would never be a free man in England ever again. The Jamaica Gleaner reports that Fowl met the women who worked as his drug mules during parties he hosted at a nightclub in London known as La Roose. His entertainment business, the British Link-Up Crew, was a front for his drug smuggling activities, police said.

Despite His Large Criminal Operation, There Were Few Incidents of Violence Involving Fowl’s Gang

During the investigation into Fowl’s criminal activities, British officials said that there had been few instances of violence involving Fowl’s gang. Fowl was asked about this in a 2013 interview where he said, “Well me not a violent man, me know what I was doing was wrong but me do it fi get the good out of it, me never send nuh gun come Jamaica, me never buy nuh man nuh shot and nuh man couldn’t come a mi yard come beg me money fi buy nuh gun or bullet else me run them out a me yard no matter how bad them claim dem is. Me is a man go anywhere in Jamaica, me nuh look behind me, me is not a gansta me is a moggler. Me love life & the girls and me is a people person.”

Though the Jamaica Gleaner reported in 2004 that Fowl was thought to have been involved in the shooting death of DJ Village, a London-based radio DJ who was killed in 2001.

Fowl Drove Jaguar XKA With the Personalized License Plate ‘007’

During a hearing in the United Kingdom over the forfeiture of Fowl’s ill-gotten gains, the court heard that in Jamaica, Fowl drove a Jaguar XKA with a personalized license plate reading, “007.” In addition, Fowl was also accused of wearing a diamond-encrusted crucifix necklace that cost $13,000. Fowl told the court that even though he had been successful through his music promotions career, he did not keep financial records or open a bank account.

The Jamaica Gleaner reports that in 2004, Fowl had three mansions in Jamaica in addition to property in the U.S. and Canada.

When Asked Why He Remained a Gangster for So Many Years, Fowl Said, ‘The More You Get Is the More You Want’

Fowl was asked in a 2013 interview why he remained a gangster for so long, his reply was, “The money, the lifestyle and the gyal dem. As me say before, the more u get is the more u want.”

Fowl’s Associate Moonie British Was Shot Dead in 2015

In October 2015, Fowl’s long-term associate, Moonie British, was shot dead in a bar in the St. Andrew neighborhood of Kingston.

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