Cardi B & Bruno Mars’ ‘Please Me’ Video Gets Steamy (WATCH)

Cardi B & Bruno Mars Perform

Getty Cardi B (L) and Bruno Mars (R) performs during the 60th Annual Grammy Awards show on January 28, 2018, in New York.

A tune kicks into Cardi B & Bruno Mars’ new video, “Please Me,” with some catchy lyrics…

‘Please me, baby, turn around and just tease me, baby,’ Bruno sings with his smooth, powerful, tone in his new song with Cardi. ‘You know what I want and I need baby,(Let me hear you say) Please, (Let me hear you say) Please.’

‘Lollipoppin’ (Poppin’), twerkin’ in some J’s (Ooh). On the dance floor (Uh-huh), no panties in the way (Nope),’ Cardi B raps, in what becomes a highly provocative display.

Cardi B & Mars meet up at a diner at the beginning of the video–and ’90s fans can rejoice, as the videos stylistics are clearly paying homage to ’90s fashions and hangout spots. Even the song itself is a solid tribute to the ’90s, both in sound and in lyrics.

‘Don’t want no young dumb s***. Better f*** me like we listenin’ to Jodeci. I was tryna lay low (Low), takin’ it slow (Slow). When I’m f***** again (Ayy),’ Cardi raps with no qualms, as she gets progressively steamier in the “Please Me” video.

The two stars move from the diner in the video to the parking lot scenes, where each of them hop into their respective convertible cars. They journey without each other, but continue to sing to each other as they drive through a tunnel.

Since it’s Cardi B, it should not be a surprise that her first verse is filled with sounds of “eeowww,” which is her signature cat sound. Her other verses give a shout out to her Dominican roots, and boast about her sexual prowess.

Both Cardi B and Mars raised some hype for the new tune on Twitter.

“How ya feeling bout the please me video ?” Cardi B tweeted on March 1, when the video premiered.

As for Mars, he rocks a fun mustache, while Cardi B gives him some flirty eyes in the neon-lit Mexican restaurant.

There’s something that just seems to trend with Cardi B and Mars in nostalgic eras. You’ll recall their throwback song “Finesse” landed the top 10 spots in a few countries. It peaked at #3 on the Billboard charts on January 20, 2018.

With “Please Me” now debuting in the top five of the Billboard chart, Cardi B and Mars seem to have found a formula that works for the pair.

This is the first new drop of music from Cardi B since she grabbed a coveted award at the Grammys last weekend – becoming the first female solo artist to win the Best Rap Album award.

Cardi B had said she would share her Grammy for Best Rap Album with the late Mac Miller, who had also been nominated in her category for his album, ‘Swimming’.

“I read an article that Mac Miller family said that he don’t win, they want me to win,” Cardi B had said, in an Instagram video, taking a moment out of her ‘Invasion Of Privacy’ win to honor the late rapper. “So I’m sharing this Grammy with you, motherfucker. Rest in peace.”

Miller had died a month after his album was released at the age of 26.

Though Cardi B made history as the first solo female artist to win the Best Rap album Grammy, she received a swarm of criticism from critics who said she didn’t at all deserve the award.

With the release of “Please Me,” Cardi B is back full-force with no apologies, with her trusty collaborator: Mars.

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