Jordyn Woods Slammed on Instagram Following ‘RTT’ Interview

Jordyn Woods and Tristan


Jordyn Woods is being slammed on social media following her interview with Jada Pinkett Smith on Red Table Talk. Not long after the interview aired on Facebook Watch, Instagram users decided to leave comments on Woods’ most recent photo, which was posted on February 18.

Woods has not turned off the comments on her Instagram account.

Here’s what you need to know:

She Has Denied Hooking up With Thompson & Says the 2 Never Slept Together

Woods has been accused of having relations with Tristan Thompson, the father of Khloe Kardashian’s baby. The two were out at a club and ended up going back to Thompson’s house with a few people to continue partying the night away. Woods told Pinkett Smith that she was sitting on the arm of a couch with her legs on Thompson and she understands how that might have looked to other people.

Woods admitted that Thompson kissed her goodbye when she left (around 7 a.m.). She insists that the kiss was out of nowhere and caught her by surprise.

When it came to telling her best friend Kylie Jenner and Jenner’s sister, Khloe, Woods said that she left out the part about the kiss because she was trying to protect Khloe. You can watch Woods’ full interview with Pinkett Smith above.

Fans Have Been Slamming Her on Instagram Since the Rumors Started

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Being slammed on Instagram is nothing new for Woods, who has been receiving hate-filled comments for about a week now. After her Red Table Talk interview, things got more intense and the comments have only gotten worse. While some people have chosen to defend Woods (many saying that Thompson should be the one held accountable), most have been calling her out for “lying” and being in the wrong.

“Actually no, I never stayed at a house party til 7 am with SOMEONE else’s man. Alcohol isn’t an excuse or a reason to even flirt with anyone. And no I’m not a saint, but I have common sense to know better than to go to married man’s house & party, KNOWING he’s a cheater anyways, why put yourself in this situation? Y’all just mad she pulled a Kardashian on the Kardashians & she just a thot. She didn’t stop him when he tried to kiss her. Did she? Naaah,” wrote one Instagram user.

“She claims that her (sic) and Tristan had ‘no passion’ and she didn’t initiate anything but what was the reason for laying her legs on top of Tristan? Aka her best friends sisters baby daddy? Ya know. Like that is obviously crossing a boundary and is flirtatious, which ended up in them kissing,” wrote another.

“I find this seriously so strange that now everyone is Khloe criticizing. jordyn has been wrong, what is she doing right there and then being so close together? your legs over him huh? Serious? you leave at 7 o’clock in the morning? he kisses you and you lie about it I would betray your ass right !!! And yes, of course, Jordyn regrets and real tears she now sees what she has cited with Kylie and so much disgrace,” added a third.

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