Donald, Peter & Raymond on Hoarders Season 10 Episode 5: The ‘Three Amigos’

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Donald, Peter and Raymond, the three subjects of Hoarders season 10 episode 5, are brothers and friends who all happen to have the same bad habit of hoarding the things that they “collect.”

The official synopsis of the season finale episode, titled “Three Amigos,” reads: “Donald and his brothers Peter and Raymond are close friends who do everything together, including hoarding. Each of them now face their own personal crisis ranging from loss of property, to destroyed relationships, to potential loss of life due to their hoarding.”

The promo for tonight’s episode shows a triple hoarding situation that’s taken on life-threatening consequences for the three men. One woman calls Donald, Peter and Raymond’s homes a “level 10 hoard,” while the camera pans around from house to house, showing teetering piles of garbage, boxes filled with years of collected items, and old food smeared across what little can be seen of the floor.

At once point in the promo (which can be viewed above), the cameraman are told to stop recording by one of the three brothers, while another is heard saying “dear sweet Jesus, I need this to stop.” It’s unclear at this time if he’s talking about the needing to stop hoarding, or if he just wants to cameras to stop rolling.

The three men who the episode revolves around introduce themselves in the clip below. Donald was a real estate broker for 40 years, Raymond is an “industrial, optical technician,” and Peter is a retired construction worker. “I have two friends, Peter and Raymond,” Donald tells the camera. “And we collect things.”

The camera pans over each of their respective houses, showing piles of broken furniture, garbage and junk overflowing into each of their yards and on their porches. In shots reminiscent of a horror movie, the camera cuts to different rooms in the house that are just overflowing with trash, broken furniture and rotten food.

“If I had looked up ‘hoarder’ in the dictionary, Webster’s latest edition, you’d see Donald’s name,” Peter tells the camera. Donald says he doesn’t consider himself a hoarder, he considers himself a “book collector,” before the camera jumps back to Peter, who guesses that Donald has “75 tons, 2000 pounds to a ton,” of hoarded belongings in his home.

Marie, Peter’s daughter, says the three men are like “three peas in a pod,” and that between the three of them, they could “probably fill the Tewksbury Airport.”

The trailers for tonight’s episode promise an intense and dramatic season finale, with clips of someone saying “I can’t breathe,” a shot of an ambulance door closing (possibly indicating one of the men might have been hurt or is dealing with health complications due to their hoarding), and a heartbreaking clip of an elderly woman crying.

“This is the unraveling,” a woman can be heard telling one of the men.

This season of Hoarders has cut back the amount of episodes it produces to focus more time on less people. Instead of the usual hour-long episodes, season 10 is doing only five, two-hour long episodes that focus on the subject of the home and their living conditions. Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. on A&E to catch the newest episode of Hoarders, which follows Donald, Peter and Raymond’s stories.

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