Were Nipsey Hussle & Lauren London Married? Was She His Wife?

Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London

Getty Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London attend the Warner Music Pre-Grammy Party.

American rapper Nipsey Hussle was in a long-term relationship with model and actress Lauren London before his untimely death on March 31, 2019; the two shared a son together, Kross Asghedom. He will be honored by his family, friends, and fans in a funeral and memorial service today at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

In spite of the rumors and speculations that Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London had been secretly married, TMZ obtained Hussle’s death certificate which states under “Marital Status” that he was “Never Married.” The release of Hussle’s death certificate confirms that he and Lauren London were not legally married; however, their love for one another and their blended family was undeniable.

Throughout Hussle and London’s 5-year relationship, fans of the couple and the media were on the lookout for any indication that the two were secretly married. In December 2018, TMZ caught the couple on camera while they were out celebrating Lauren’s birthday. In the video, Hussle tells the camera “Happy Birthday to this boss, phenomenal woman right here.” When Lauren asks him “to your what?” he replies “To my wife, to my girl, happy birthday.” Lauren smiles in response, and there’s a loud cheer from off-camera.

The use of the term “wife” caught public attention, but London took to Instagram to clarify, writing “I’m not married y’all. Chillllll.” It’s more likely that Hussle was using the phrase as a term of endearment and respect for their committed relationship, and it has become more common for unmarried couples in serious relationship to use terms like “hubby” and “wifey” as pet names for one another.

Only weeks before Hussle’s death, the couple posed for a feature in GQ Magazine. According to GQ, “TMZ assumed they were taking engagement photos” during the shoot. The feature offers an inside look into their relationship, as London and Hussle opened up about how they met, their day to day dynamic, and the ways in which they were building their family and supporting one another’s careers.

In a video taken of a woman alleged to be London as she arrived at the hospital after Hussle was shot, she can be heard saying “that’s my husband” to the hospital staff as she frantically enters the building. Again, this raised questions, but the death certificate refutes any secret marriage.

Shortly after Hussle’s passing, MTO News reported that sources close to the couple said that “the pair got married last summer in a private ceremony in Mexico.” MTO News also shared photos of Nipsey and Lauren out in matching rings worn on their left ring fingers, alleging that was further evidence that the couple was, in fact, married. This has not been commented on by London.

London paid tribute to her late boyfriend and long-term partner on Instagram, writing “I am completely lost
/ I’ve lost my best friend / My sanctuary / My protector / My soul…. / I’m lost without you / We are lost without you babe / I have no words.” In addition to their son Kross, Hussle also had a daughter Emani with his ex Tanisha; both children have his last name, Asghedom. Lauren has another child, too: Kameron Carter, who she had with her ex Lil Wayne.

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