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Game of Thrones, season 8 episode 6, the official series finale titled “The Iron Throne,” premiered tonight, and since the episode involved a last-minute effort to wrap up every single storyline left open on the show, (and seeing as it’s the final episode of the series), it should come as no surprise that there were plenty of disappointed reactions with the way the episode played out.

This article will explore some of tonight’s GoT episode in detail, so this is your official MAJOR SPOILER WARNING. Do NOT continue reading if you aren’t caught up on the series or season, and if you don’t want anything ruined before you get to watch tonight’s episode.

Tonight’s episode saw the aftermath of Daenerys Targaryen’s rampage on King’s Landing, what was left of the city after she and Drogon torched it, and Jon’s reaction to her decision to murder thousands of innocent people. The episode only really showcased one significant death, (the lack of deaths surprised many), and almost every storyline wrapped up in a nice, neat, (again … surprisingly) happy package, which is far from what most expected for the end of the series.

There has already been talk on social media about how the showrunners left no room or time to digest Dany’s new “Mad Queen” storyline, which was ended as quickly as it began, and many are incredibly disappointed with how the series wrapped up the rest of the character arcs. Despite the badass scene with Drogon destroying the Iron Throne, the entire episode itself was pretty slow and basically involved everybody going their separate ways.

Although the series was given somewhat of a “happy” ending, many fans are still (as expected), incredibly disappointed. Not just with the final episode, but the entire final season. The episode definitely still left some viewers with some bad feelings toward the showrunners.

“Disappointed, let down, betrayed, numb and uninterested,” one user wrote on Twitter. “That’s how I feel today. Instead of being excited, anxious, eagerly waiting, like I though I would be. You fucked up everything so close to the finish line. Forever remembered as the show that lost its end.”

“What a thoroughly unsatisfactory bullshit end to @GameOfThrones,” another user wrote. “An absolute let down.” They ended the tweet with the hashtag

Another wrote: “Nah I can’t actually believe I been waiting 8 years for it to end like that, disappointed it’s an understatement. I would even say that was the worst episode of . How can you ruin 8 years worth of work I just can’t comprehend.”

Some compared it to other fandoms that ended with hugely disappointing finales:

Others shared a plethora of gifs and memes to express how disappointed they felt with the slow, happy-ish ending.

“Loving the parallells of Bran being thrown out a window in the first episode and the show being thrown out a window in the last episode,” one user wrote.

“im not mad cuz the starks BEEN through it! im jus disappointed at the fact that there was soooo much more POTENTIAL to end the ENTIRE SEASON with….,” another wrote.

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss were definitely at the receiving end of some brutal Twitter hate tonight, with many fans disgusted by the way the entire finale (and full season) was written.

“What the fuck? D&D are the shittiest writers in the history of everything,” one user wrote. “Game of Thrones went down the drain thanks to Dumb and Dumber. So disappointed.”

Some were disappointed with the way the female character arcs played out (specifically Dany’s), despite Sansa being crowned Queen in the North at the end:

Despite plenty of angry reactions, there were many viewers that still gave credit where credit was due.

“I’m super disappointed by the series finale and season 8 in general. This being said the cast and crew have worked their asses off and pour their heart into this show. Just for that, they deserve a huge thank you and all the love.”

This post will be updated as more reactions flood the Twittersphere and other social media platforms.

What did you think of the series finale? Were you satisfied with the way everybody’s stories wrapped up, or do you feel let down? Let us know in the comments below!

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