Catelynn & Tyler Baltierra’s Daughter Carly Update

Catelynn Lowell, Tyler Baltierra, Teen Mom

Getty Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra reunited with their firstborn daughter Carly in 2018. The couple, who gave Carly up for adoption in 2009, still celebrate her birthday.

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra, stars of the hit MTV reality series Teen Mom: OG, recently celebrated their firstborn daughter’s tenth birthday by posting sweet pictures of Carly, whom they gave up for adoption in 2009 during the first season of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, with their second daughter Novalee on Instagram.

“10 years ago yesterday, we were only 17,” Tyler wrote in a heartfelt caption alongside the photo. “10 years ago, we brought you into the world. 10 years ago, we only got to hold you by ourselves for a half hour in the hospital as we just cried & stared at you, remembering every little detail of how absolutely perfect you were, since we knew that even though we just met, we had to say goodbye. 10 years ago, we had to make the hardest decision of our lives & give you everything your innocent life deserved that we just couldn’t provide at the time. 10 years ago, we held each other & wept as we watched you drive away in the back of the car with the only parents that were worthy to be yours. 10 years ago…your life changed so many others for the better & has blessed more lives than I can count. We love you so much & hopefully get to see you soon baby girl. Happy Birthday Carly.”

The couple reunited with their firstborn daughter last year when they drove to Raleigh, North Carolina to meet with her adoptive parents, as well as Carly’s adoptive brother. MTV was not allowed to film the reunion, but the couple shared photos of the day on social media, complete with a sweet picture of Carly helping little Novalee drink from a water fountain.

Although they were thrilled to be able to spend the day with their firstborn, Tyler later told an MTV producer that Catelynn spent the night crying after returning home, and added that it was incredibly difficult to know their two daughters wouldn’t get the chance to grow up together.

“She was saying after raising Nova, she’s actually feeling that love you have for your kid, and after seeing [Carly and Nova] together she said it was really hard [to leave Carly],” he told the producer, according to People. “She said it just sucks — it sucks that we were so young, and it sucks that our parents sucked. We were little kids.”

Tyler added, “I know we’re not raising her biologically, but to see them together and think, ‘Oh man they’re not going to grow up together, no Christmas morning together.’ To see your kids together and watch them go away, it almost doesn’t feel right. It’s like nothing ever changes. When you’re 17 and saying goodbye, it’s like nothing ever changes.”

These days it appears they still celebrate Carly’s birthday, even though they aren’t always with her. Last week, Catelynn posted a video of Novalee and a few other family members singing happy birthday to Carly before Novalee blew out the candles. She wrote in the caption that it was their yearly tradition to buy her a cake and sing happy birthday, even if they can’t always celebrate with her.

The couple recently welcomed another daughter, whose name is Vaeda, into the world in February, 2019.

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