Lover Bonus Tracks: Are There Any Surprise Songs on Lover?

Taylor Swift Taylor Swift - 'Lover' album cover

There are eighteen tracks on the Lover album in total. However, there are no Lover bonus tracks confirmed. In the past, Swift has surprised her fans with a number of “bonuses” when they purchased her physical albums, but it’s not clear if there will be extra songs available on the Lover disc.

Many of Swift’s albums have had bonus tracks in the past. 1989 had three bonus songs (Wonderland, You Are in Love, and New Romantics, the latter of which went on to become a single) as well as three voice audio recordings by Swift.

Red‘s “Deluxe Edition” had six bonus tracks: The Moment I Knew, Come Back Be Here, Girl at Home, Treacherous (Original Demo), Red (Original Demo), and State of Grace (Acoustic Version). 

Fearless also had bonus tracks: Untouchable, Come in With the Rain,  SuperStar, Forever & Always (piano version), and The Other Side of the Door. And the Speak Now album had three bonus tracks: Superman, If This Was a Movie, and Ours. 

The deluxe edition of Swift’s self-titled debut album also had three bonus tracks: I’m Only Me When I’m With You, Invisible, and A Perfectly Good Heart. 

Reputation was the only album in her career that didn’t include any deluxe or bonus tracks. Until Lover, that is.

However, there are still a few benefits to buying the Lover album as a physical copy. Here’s what you need to know:

There Are No Bonus Tracks on Lover, But Fans Can Read Some of Swift’s Old Journals Instead

As she’s done in the past, Swift is partnering with Target to offer exclusive album packages with various “bonuses” for her fans, though sadly those bonuses don’t confirm any new tracks.

The four deluxe versions of Lover include the following, according to a press release by Target: “Each one has 18 songs along with a collection of unique content from Taylor that she will reveal herself soon. Plus, there are two bonus audio memos from Taylor’s songwriting sessions in each version.”

So there are bonus audio memos, likely similar to the ones she offered fans in her 1989 album. It’s worth noting that Swift’s album is the longest of any of the albums she’s ever created, track-wise, and excluding some of the deluxe versions of albums. So maybe she just decided to put all of the songs in on the “regular” album, rather than withholding some of the tracks to turn into bonuses for a deluxe album.

If Swift does include bonus tracks as a surprise, one fan offered up a pretty savvy theory on Twitter, following the release of the Lover music video:

Attaching two screenshots of the board game Swift and co-star Christian Owens are playing in the video, the fan tweeted, “19 on the dice? Is there a bonus song??? Breakable Heaven?”

Again, there’s no confirmation that “Breakable Heaven” is anything. However, knowing Swift’s love of giving her fans Easter eggs and making every little aspect of her videos significant, it’s likely that the phrase is, at the very least, a song lyric within another track.

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