‘Yellowstone’ Season 2 Episode 8 Recap & Review: The War Is Just Beginning


Tonight is the eighth episode of Yellowstone Season 2. After tonight there are only two episodes left. This is a live recap and review of “Behind Us Only Grey.” This article will have spoilers for Season 2 Episode 8.

The synopsis for tonight’s episode reads: “John and Rip seek revenge; Monica ponders the consequences of her living situation; Jimmy clears old debts.”

And here we go.

The episode starts with another beautiful Montana landscape. Then we move to the bunkhouse, where everyone is getting ready to start their day. Kayce tells Jamie to come with him so they can talk about chores. When asked if he forgives him, Kayce says: “You’re my brother, Jamie.” To Kayce, that answers everything. To Jamie, considering his weird relationship with Beth, it probably doesn’t answer his question at all.

Beth, meanwhile, is struggling to figure out a way to hide all the bruises and bleeding on her face. She goes to Rip’s room to visit him while he recovers from a gunshot wound and kisses his cheek.

Cut to the beautiful Yellowstone intro that never gets old. They did a great job with this sequence.

Looks like Monica and Tate are enjoying breakfast with John and Kayce. That’s kind of sweet. :) Beth joins them and she looks terrible. She was beaten up bad, and she’s going to be struggling for awhile. :( Monica sees her and I bet she’s now figuring out that the problem last night wasn’t wolves like Kayce told her.

Poor Beth is so beaten up she can’t even eat regular food. It hurts too much. She asks for a smoothie with ice cream and vodka, and honestly who can blame her.

John joins her outside the ranch. Beth is worried about telling Jason’s parents that he’s dead, but John says that Beth is his concern, not Jason’s family.

Rainwater arrives on the property and talks about how his ancestors hunted and slept on the Duttons’ property long before John Dutton’s family moved in and claimed the land for themselves. There will always be tension between these two groups.

Jenkins sees Beth on the porch. “Did the Becks do that to you?” Beth tells him her face was just the appetizer. “I’m sorry,” Jenkins says. They talk for a few moments.

Jenkins then tells John that the Becks put him out of business and Rainwater says they threatened him too. So the Becks made a big mistake. Dutton, Rainwater, and Jenkins are now joining forces against the Becks.

Rainwater reminds them that their paths will always collide and they still have opposing views. But they’re now all facing an enemy who doesn’t play fair… (So threatening to hang Jenkins was fair? I kind of feeling like this group has been playing unfair already, but maybe that’s just me…) Well, whatever, they have a bigger enemy now.

Jenkins observes that John’s already decided what to do and he wants Rainwater and Jenkins to be on his side so they don’t hold it over John’s head. Annnnd that’s when John realizes that Jenkins is wearing a recorder.

“This is for my protection,” Jenkins says. He then says into the recorder: “We should kill them.” Rainwater says the same. “It’s like a blood oath, except we make the cut later.”

“If I break the law, every chairman of every national tribe suffers,” Rainwater explains. “My people suffer, and no one life is worth that.” But, he adds, if someone gets lost on his reservation, there will be no one to look. So Rainwater won’t actually commit a crime of murder himself, but he will not assign his law enforcement to look for anyone if a body disappears.

John Dutton is asked to name his role in the crime on the recorder too.

“I don’t have to…I’m the one who’s doing it. When I need your help…I’ll expect you to give it, no questions asked.”

So it’s decided. An alliance has been formed and the Becks’ days are numbered.

The scene cuts to a quieter moment between Monica and Beth on the porch. Beth tells her that she was beaten up because of the family business, not her dad or her boyfriend. She tells Monica to stick with teaching. “Don’t judge us for the way we protect the thing we’re giving you.”

And they cut to commercial.

Back at the Becks’ place of business, Malcolm is VERY angry. He throws a huge tantrum and throws a bunch of stuff around, mad that his men were dropped off at his home naked and dead.

“So how far do you want to take this thing, Mal?” his brother Teal asks.

“We take this all the way,” Malcolm says.

“Who do you want to start with?” Teal asks, ready to do whatever his brother wants.

“The one he loves the most,” Malcolm says.

Oh dang, they cut to Tate. That is NOT good. And if they hurt Tate, Monica will be gone. She’ll want nothing to do with the Duttons ever again.

We get a brief reprieve as we get to watch Kayce breaking in Tate’s new horse. I like these scenes. :) They give me a feel for ranch life and they’re very authentic.

Back at John’s office, he tells one of his agents to look up Malcolm Beck on the FAA site. The Becks have cargo planes used for skydiving. John realizes the truth was right in front of him this whole time. (I’m guessing he’s talking about the poisoned cattle? To be honest, I’m a little unclear about the meaning of this scene.)

Then we cut to Monica’s job, where she’s taking her class to a concert led by a Native American rapper.

I’m not sure why she looks so sad while she’s watching him, but I’m guessing I’m missing something big from her past. Maybe he’s from her family? Or her brother who died was a musician? I don’t remember too many details about her brother, so I’ll have to look that up.

Monica gets back home and Kayce says they need to be open with each other. Monica wants to know what happened to Beth. He tells her in a longwinded way that it was someone trying to take their family’s property.

“There’s people who all they care about more… How to get more, take more. And they’ll stop at nothing, long as it leads to more.”

Monica tells him this place isn’t a home: “It’s a giant Alamo. You’re a prisoner here. So is your sister, so is your father. And now we’re prisoners too.”

She said her relatives live in smaller houses than the room they’re in. Kayce says he doesn’t care where they live as long as they’re together. (I can’t see his dad being thrilled about that, but maybe I’m wrong.) Monica can’t seem to make up her mind. She just moved back in and now she’s already wanting to leave again.

A lot of fans are VERY unhappy about Monica’s role in the show.

And I’ve got to admit, the question a fan asked in the tweet below is a good one. Why aren’t they worried about Monica’s safety after what happened to Beth?

Honestly, leaving the ranch probably isn’t a great idea right now.

After the commercial break, we have a sweet Beth and Rip scene again, until Rip decided to go back to the bunkhouse for some reason.

Jimmy borrows a truck to go back into town. He’s waiting for the bank to open and is withdrawing cash first thing. Looks like he’s wanting to pay back his debt and be over with everything. He’s got the money to pay back Ray so he can move on with his life.

“We’re done,” Jimmy says to Ray. “Leave my grandfather alone.”

Ray says they’re square on the money, but Avery still owes him for the “bear spray stunt” and he can’t put a price on it. “Maybe bring her over here,” creepy Ray suggests. Jimmy is not having it, and Ray tells him it will take another $1,000 to get Avery off the hook too.

This Avery thing is a little odd because Avery already left in an earlier episode. I don’t think she’s even still around, so I’m not sure why Jimmy feels compelled to pay her debt too. I guess he just wants all of this behind him in every possible way.

In the next scene, John and Monica are talking. She says she loves Tate learning about horses, but there’s a fight at the ranch every day and she doesn’t want to be a part of that. She claims those things don’t happen in the city, but John says it happens every day, just on a smaller scale.

“Give us a chance, that’s all I ask,” John tells her. “Can we do that?”

She reluctantly agrees. And now I think Tate is going to get kidnapped and it breaks my heart. :(

John and Rip have a lighthearted moment, and then John gets serious and thanks Rip for saving his daughter’s life. John does love his family, he just has trouble expressing it.

John pulls Kayce aside and tells him that the Becks have their own plane at a private airfield. “It’s useful,” Kayce says. “Then use it,” John says, telling him that he wants to know everything about what Kayce does with the information. Kayce says they need to set a meeting too far for a man with a plane to drive. “Set the meeting in Jackson Hole, he’ll fly right over us,” Kayce suggests.

(I’m not sure what they’re planning. Will they shoot down his plane and make it look like an accident? Will they sabotage his plane before he even takes off?)

Kayce wants Jenkins’ help on all of this. John’s not sure, but Kayce is ready for this to be over.

“I don’t know that this game’s ever over son,” John says. Kayce is NOT happy with that answer.

In the next scene, Beth is watching Rip be super sweet with Tate, and she’s on the verge of crying. Beth has really fallen in love with Rip (or she’s just now realizing how she’s always felt about him.)

Beth’s scenes are pretty intense. She has a wide range of emotions and can express so much with just a look.

In the next scene, Beth goes to the stable to visit Jamie and unleashes on him, telling him that she can’t wait for Jamie to fall in love so she can take it from him “even if I have to kill it with my bare hands.”

OK, did I miss something? Jamie has done some awful and unforgivable things, but I don’t get the intense vitriol that Beth has for him versus Kayce, who also has killed people. Is there something in their past that I don’t know about?

It looks like I’m not the only one wondering about this.

Some fans are guessing that maybe Jamie did something when Beth was younger to ruin her chances with Rip. But as far as I can see, Rip and Beth are the reasons that Rip and Beth aren’t together. Hmmm…

After the commercial break, John gathers up Kayce and Jamie.  A tribal employee was shot and killed on a county road and police agents are gathered. “This wasn’t me and you know it,” John tells the sheriff.

“We know who did it,” Rainwater adds. An investigation is going to halt construction. The sheriff tells John that they (the Becks) are coming for him next. I’m not sure what the purpose of the shooting was, except to slow down the construction of the casino. That’s probably the only reason for the shooting, since one of the Becks’ main goals is to end the casino.

John calls Malcolm. He wants to meet at Jackson Hole during the day.

“Looking forward to it,” Malcolm says. He has photos of John’s family on his table, trying to figure out who John loves the most.

And the episode ends. The war is just beginning.

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