‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Finale 2019 & Reunion Spoilers

Bachelor in Paradise Finale 2019

ABC/John Fleenor Pictured: Hannah Godwin

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 airs its season 6 finale tonight and fans will finally get to see what happens to the remaining couples on the show. And, for those of you who want to know which couples are still together or reconnected after the finale, the reunion episode will air next week. But, before we get into all the details on tonight’s finale, along with the reunion episode, THIS IS YOUR MAJOR SPOILERS WARNING.


With that out of the way, let’s start with the finale spoilers …

“Bachelor in Paradise” Finale 2019



Last night, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, who had started courting newcomer Connor Saeli, was swept off her feet by the guy who dumped her on her birthday the week before. Dean Unglert returned and asked Miller-Keyes to leave Paradise with him. Still smitten with Unglert, Miller-Keyes decided to take a risk and leave on Unglert’s arm, which hurt a rejected Saeli. But, according to ABC, Saeli wasn’t initially there for Miller-Keyes, as he had hoped to get together Whitney Fransway in Paradise.

ABC reported, “Connor hit it off with Whitney at the wedding, but will she show up in Paradise? When it looks like she won’t arrive at the beach, Connor decides to leave, triggering a wonderfully romantic and comical game of tag. Will they catch up with one another or pass like two ships in the night?” The wedding was Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone’s nuptials on the show this season.

According to Reality Steve, Saeli leaves the show but Fransway catches up with him before he leaves Mexico and the two are together. Reality Steve said, “Connor had met Whitney Fransway at Chris and Krystal’s wedding. He thought she was eventually gonna come on the show. She didn’t, so Connor left. When they finally did bring Whitney on, Connor was gone. So what happened was, they actually sent Whitney to Connor’s room, and Whitney and Connor got to spend a few days in Mexico together and they are still seeing each other last I checked.”

For the final rose ceremony on Bachelor in Paradise this season, these are how the roses are given out:

Demi to Kristian
Clay to Nicole
John Paul Jones to Tayshia
Dylan to Hannah
Chris to Katie
Matt to Bri
Chase to Angela

Reality Steve reported that Haley leaves the show and Luke is unsuccessful at getting anyone to accept his rose so he leaves. This is the first time in Bachelor history that someone rejects a rose, according to ABC.

“Bachelor in Paradise” 2019 Engagements

Nicole and Hannah G on Bachelor in Paradise


Following the final rose ceremony comes the ultimate test for the remaining couples – decide if you really want to stay together or not. Those who stayed together then went on overnight dates in fantasy suites. And, at the end, some couples got engaged. So, who split and who stayed together?

Before the overnights, Reality Steve spoiled that Tayshia Adams broke off her relationship with JPJ, Matt McDonald and Bri Barnes called it quits, and Chase McNary ended his fling with Angela Amezcua. After the overnights, Nicole and Clay break up because Clay won’t fully commit. The remaining three couples all get engaged – Demi Burnett to Kristian Haggerty, Dylan Barbour to Hannah Godwin, and Katie Morton to Chris Bukowski.

“Bachelor in Paradise” Reunion 2019

Does Peter Weber Have Sex With Hannah Brown On The Bachelorette

ABC/Ed HerreraPictured: Peter Weber

Next week, there will be no episode on Monday night, as Dancing With the Stars 2019 will premiere and take over the time slot. The reunion special for Bachelor in Paradise will air at 8 p.m. ET/PT and 7 p.m. CT, on the ABC network, on Tuesday, September 17, 2019.

When it comes to which couples from Paradise have stayed together, TMZ previously reported that Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert, who left Paradise before the finale, are dating. Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour were also spotted hanging out together on a beach recently, so they appear to be going strong. Demi Burnett has been vocal about finding love with Kristian Haggerty while promoting the show on social media. Connor Saeli and Whitney Fransway continue to date, according to Reality Steve. The only engaged couple who has publicly been having a rocky time is Morton and Bukowski, but they are still engaged, nonetheless.

Reality Steve revealed, “Katie comes out on stage not wearing her engagement ring, and basically calls Chris out saying things weren’t going great, and she feels like she’s putting in all the effort and he’s not trying enough. Chris wasn’t thrilled she chose to do this on stage. Eventually, they work through it on stage, she puts on the ring, and at present time they are still together and engaged.”

On the season 6 reunion, not only are viewers given updates on the couples, but Reality Steve has reported the new star of The Bachelor 2020 will be revealed. According to Reality Steve, Peter Weber is the lucky man.