D.B. Weiss’s Wife, Andrea Troyer, & Children: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


One of the controversial showrunners of Game of Thrones on HBO, D.B. Weiss (commonly referred to as half of D&D), is happily married to Andrea Troyer. His wife and David Benioff’s wife are close friends. Read on to learn more about Weiss, his wife, and children. This post has spoilers for halfway through the Game of Thrones series. 

1. D.B. Weiss Is Married to Andrea Troyer


D.B. Weiss (which stands for Daniel Brett Weiss) is married to Andrea Troyer. Troyer has an MFA from the University of California, Irvine.

2. Andrea Troyer’s Mom Was From Croatia & Loved Game of Thrones

Troyer’s mom, Marija Troyer, passed away in 2013 at the age of 70, according to her obituary. Andrea has a sister, Nicole McAloon, of Minneapolis. Her father is John Troyer and her parents were married for 50 years. Marija grew up in Croatia and met John while studying in the United States. Her obituary notes that she “indulged her passions for reading, theater, film, and Game of Thrones; and got to see Paris.”

3. D.B. Weiss & Andrea Troyer Have Two Children


Andrea Troyer and D.B. Weiss have two children: Leo and Hugo.

4. Andrea Troyer Wrote a Book with David Benioff’s Wife

GettyDavid Benioff and his wife, Amanda Peet

Andrea Troyer is close friends with David Benioff’s wife, Amanda Peet. They wrote a children’s book together called “Dear Santa, Love, Rachel Rosenstein.” It was published in 2015. The description reads: “Rachel Rosenstein is determined to celebrate Christmas this year—and the fact that her family is Jewish is not going to stop her. In a series of hilarious and heartwarming mishaps, Rachel writes a letter to Santa explaining her cause, pays him a visit at the mall, and covertly decorates her house on Christmas Eve (right down to latkes for Santa and his reindeer). And while Rachel may wrestle with her culture, customs, and love of sparkly Christmas ornaments, she also comes away with a brighter understanding of her own identity and of the gift of friends and family.” 

The book was inspired by Peet’s experiences with her own children. She and Troyer came up with the idea while shopping for Hanukkah gifts in Belfast during Game of Thrones filming, Publishers Weekly reported.

The book has a four-star rating on Amazon. One reviewer wrote about the book: “My almost-3 year old son ‘discovered’ Christmas this year. He was briefly really obsessed with celebrating Christmas instead of Hanukkah. I had purchased a copy of this book without really thinking I’d need it already. The language is kind of complex for him and he loses the story a little. I would say it’s more on a mature 4 or 5-year old level. The last time I simplified the language and he lasted through the whole thing easily. Some aspects I like about the story: the mom has to work on Christmas (at a hospital, just like me!).”

Another parent wrote: “I love this book! I love the story and it was a great way to explain to my 4 year old that we have Hannukah instead!”

5. Troyer & Peet Jokingly Said They Threatened Their Husbands that Jon Snow Couldn’t Stay Dead


Jon Snow was Troyer and Peet’s favorite character, so Peet often made Benioff promise that the character would be fine, InStyle reported. They joked that when Jon Snow died on the show, Peet and Troyer staged an intervention with their husbands. Peet told InStyle that they said: “You better find a way to bring him back. I don’t care what it takes, I don’t care how you do it, you just gotta do it.”

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