Emilia Clarke’s Boyfriends & Dating History


There are a lot of rumors about Emilia Clarke’s romantic life, and now that she’s nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for the 2019 Emmys, those rumors are of course only going to increase. She’s known for playing the powerful role of Daenerys on Game of Thrones, along with many other outstanding roles in recent years. But who has she been romantically connected to?

Emilia Clarke Does Not Appear to be in a Relationship Right Now

At the moment, Clarke isn’t officially connected to any man romantically. For awhile she was suspected to be dating Charlie McDowell, the film director. She had even posted a photo showing to shadowy figures kissing at a beach on her 32nd birthday in 2018, MSN reported. That man was McDowell, who posted the same picture to his own Instagram.

But the Cheatsheet reported in May 2019 that McDowell had unfollowed her on Instagram. And Cosmopolitan just posted in September that the two quietly ended their relationship. In August, it was reported that McDowell had started dating actress Lily Collins, based on some posts she made on Instagram about the two of them.

But Clarke seems perfectly happy without a boyfriend. She and Rose Leslie, Kit Harington’s wife, just went on a girls’ trip to India in late August.

Clarke has long said that she doesn’t need a man in her life to feel complete because she has a strong support system, E! News reported. She once said: “The gorgeous thing about having friends who aren’t in the entertainment world is they’re like, ‘You’re letting important moments pass you by. Don’t be cool about it.’ Like, we’re at a Hollywood party, whatever. Stop. Appreciate this.”

She’s very supportive and loving about the friends in her life, which has caused some wrong rumors about her dating life. She and Jason Momoa, for example, are close friends but they’ve never dated. She posted this on Instagram for his birthday:

Momoa has been happily married to Lisa Bonet since 2017. He and Clarke are simply good friends.

Clarke often posts happy, loving posts about her friends, including her male friends. So her posts about Momoa aren’t unusual.

She’s Been Romantically Connected with a Few Men in the Past, But Doesn’t Seem To Be Dating Right Now

Emilia Clarke has been romantically connected to a number of men in the past, including Seth MacFarlane, who is now helming The Orville. She and MacFarlane dated a long time ago and she first talked about their breakup publicly in 2016. They dated in 2012 and broke up in 2013, E! News reported. The long-distance just wasn’t working for them. At the time of the breakup a source told E! News: “It was really a location challenge. She has been in Europe shooting Game of Thrones and he is based in California, so it was hard to make it work despite the distance. They have remained friends.”

She was also romantically linked with actor Cory Michael Smith in 2014. She was also rumored to be dating James Franco in 2013. She and Franco were never seen together at any official events, Express reported, but they were still romantically linked by the media. Clarke said, however, that they had only met twice.

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