‘Game of Thrones’ Prequel Spoilers: Release Date, Cast & Filming


There’s one major Game of Thrones prequel in production and another just getting off the ground (but still awaiting an official pilot order from HBO.) All in all, it looks like it won’t be long before we’re enjoying two new Game of Thrones spinoffs, both prequels. Here are all the major spoilers that we know about them so far.

Bloodmoon Spoiler Roundup

Bloodmoon (or Blood Moon as indicated in some sources) is the first spinoff. It was announced in 2018, started filming in the summer of 2019 around the same time that the final season of Game of Thrones was airing, and likely won’t air until 2021 if a full season is ordered, Screenrant reported. So everyone hoping for a 2020 release is going to have to wait a little longer. We won’t be seeing this new series until 2021 at the earliest.

Bloodmoon takes place thousands of years before Game of Thrones. It’s still awaiting a full series order from HBO, but it’s tough to imagine that won’t happen.

This project is written by Jane Goldman and stars Naomi Watts. The pilot was shot over the summer and the project is now in post-production, Deadline reported. It chronicles how the world of Westeros descended after the Age of Heroes and the founding of the great houses (Stark, Baratheon, and Lannister.)

We’ll likely also learn more about the White Walkers, which might be why their mythology explanation was cut short in the Game of Thrones final season. George R.R. Martin originally referred to the prequel as “The Long Night,” which was the first long winter caused by the White Walkers. That’s a big hint about the prequel’s topic.

Watchers on the Wall saw a production sheet for Bloodmoon which appears to have the logo for the new series. It shows the title as “Blood Moon” with a spear between the two words.

Here’s a summary of what we know about the prequel Bloodmoon: 

  • It takes place thousands of years before Game of Thrones.
  • It will chronicle the Age of Heroes and the world’s dark descent.
  • It will uncover the “true origin” of the White Walkers. (Does this indicate that the GoT’s story that the Children of the Forest created the Night King from a First Man isn’t entirely accurate?)
  • The show will also explore the “horrifying secrets” of Westeros’ history.
  • We’ll learn about the mysteries of the East and the Starks of legend. I imagine this might mean Bran the Builder, since he built the wall after the first Long Night. Perhaps we will also learn about Azor Ahai and the truth behind the legend.
  • It will star Naomi Watts, Miranda Richardson, Marquis Rodriguez, John Simm, Richard McCabe, John Heffernan, and Dixie Egerickx. Also starring are Josh Whitehouse, Naomi Ackie, Denise Gough, Jamie Campbell Bower, Sheila Atim, Ivanno Jeremiah, Georgie Henley, Alex Sharp, and Toby Regbo.

Targaryen Prequel Spoiler Roundup

The second prequel likely to make it on the air is the Targaryen prequel that takes place about 300 years before Game of Thrones. This sequel likely won’t start filming until 2020 at the earliest, so don’t expect to see this one on HBO until at least 2022, Screenrant reported. It’s a long wait, but Game of Thrones fans are used to that.

This Targaryen prequel is likely based on George R.R. Martin’s prequel book, Fire & Blood, which explores the beginning of the end of the Targaryens, Deadline reported. The project was created by Martin and Ryan Condal. Condal is co-creator and executive producer of the post-apocalyptic series Colony. Colony was canceled after three seasons, but the quality was quite excellent.

The Condal project is reportedly replacing a project Bryan Cogman was working on that was subsequently dropped.

So it looks like the Targaryen prequel is going to look one chapter in the hundreds of years covered by the massive Fire & Blood book. Possibilities are Aegon’s conquest of Westeros or the “Dance of Dragons” civil war between the Targaryens.  Aegon’s conquest was about 300 years before Game of Thrones, which likely rules out the possibility of the series covering the Doom of Valyria. This was the mysterious downfall of the Valyrians, who are ancestors of the Targaryens. It happened about a century before Aegon’s conquest.

This prequel is going to include dragons, Martin promised on his blog. And it’s set “thousands of years after Jane’s show in the history of Westeros.”

In total, there are a possible five different Game of Thrones spinoffs in the works at HBO, Martin shared in his blog in May. But those have now dwindled down to three, Martin said in September. It’s unclear what the third one is about.

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