Peter Weber Is the New Bachelor 2020

Hannah Had Sex With Peter on The Bachelorette

ABC/Ed Herrera Pictured: Peter Weber

Look out folks, there’s a new Bachelor in town, and he goes by the name of Peter Weber. That’s right– Reality Steve spilled the beans once again, revealing that Weber will be the one crossing that stage in a few days when ABC makes the announcement about the next star of the reality franchise.

What’s more, is that Reality Steve claims he knows the winner of the show… even though it is still filming. The reality TV blogger took to Twitter last week to write, “This is a bit of a tease, but in doing profiles for Peter’s women, I think I’ve found the one who I think he’ll pick. She’s my early favorite. And if he doesn’t, she has next ‘Bachelorette’ written all over her. Be stunned if this one doesn’t at least make final four.”

“The Bachelor” 2020 Rumors

For weeks, rumors have circulated around who the next Bachelor will be. The frontrunners have been Mike Johnson, Peter Weber, and Tyler Cameron, according to Reality Steve. Tyler has since formed a relationship with supermodel Gigi Hadid, taking him out of the race, meaning it was between Peter and Mike in the end. Mike appeared on this season of Bachelor In Paradise but left single.

Reality Steve seems very confident in his vote of Weber for Bachelor. On Twitter, he wrote, “(SPOILER): When the “Bachelor” announcement is officially made (guessing next week or the following), it will be Peter Weber. Not too surprising. That’s who I’ve said I thought it would be for the last month. This isn’t a guess, a prediction, or “most likely.” It’s him.”

Peter Weber’s Background

What do we know about Weber? Apart from the fact that he had sex in a windmill with former Bachelorette Hannah Brown, we know that Weber, who also goes by Pilot Pete, works as an airline pilot for Delta. He announced the fact that he works for Delta in a March 2018 Instagram post that read, “I can’t express my gratitude enough to everyone who’s helped me achieve my dream; thank you a million times. I feel like a little kid right now and I’ll never forget this feeling.”

According to his Bachelorette bio, the 27-year-old hails from Westlake Village, California. His parents met while his father was working as a pilot and his mother was working as a flight attendant. When he appeared on The Bachelorette, Weber lived at home; we’re assuming that has changed by now with his newfound fame.

Weber’s Take on His “Bachelorette” Break Up

In an interview on the podcast, “Bachelor Happy Hour”, Weber spoke about his last day on the show with Hannah Brown. He shared, “I just remember going into complete shock and being completely blindsided, just didn’t expect that whatsoever,” he said. “I felt like I had just no emotion … I was in so much shock that I didn’t even think to ask her ‘why, what happened?’ In that moment, my brain wasn’t processing that. It was just, ‘wow, this is it. This is done. The relationship is over now.'”

Fortunately, Weber and Brown are on good terms now, and in the very near future, we will all watch as Weber meets his contestants. Who will he choose? Is he soon-to-be-engaged? Look out for updates about Peter Weber, the next star of The Bachelor.

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