What Happened to Sid Haig?

Sid Haig ICU

Getty Sid Haig pictured in August 2003.

Sid Haig is the legendary horror actor who is in intensive care, according to his wife Susan Oberg. Oberg, 46, has asked fans to pray for Haig, 80. Haig is best known to horror fans for his roles in “3 From Hell” and “The Devil’s Rejects.”

Oberg made the update on Haig’s Instagram page late on the night of September 6. The update was made on Haig’s Instagram bio and read, “SID HAS HAD AN ACCIDENT AND IS IN THE HOSPITAL IN ICU EVERYONE PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM!!!!!!!! – SUZIE.”

Sid Haig Instagram

Instagram/Sid Haig

At the time of writing, the bio has been changed. The latest update on the page reads, “Update coming soon. That is all for now. Please pray. Thank you all.”

Exclusive: 3 From Hell Clip – Captain Spaulding ReturnsCaptain Spaulding returns in an exclusive clip from 3 From Hell. screenrant.com/ facebook.com/ScreenRant twitter.com/screenrant2019-09-04T13:29:18.000Z

The day before the news that Haig had an accident, the trails for Rob Zombie’s “3 From Hell” dropped. The movie hits on September 16 and will only be in theaters until September 18. The clip, Haig plays the role of Captain Spaulding in the upcoming movie. Screen Rant wrote that Haig was the franchise’s “secret weapon. Screen Rant added that Haig was an “electrifying presence, a commanding authority figure, and a menacing titan of terror.”

In August 2018, Haig was honored with the 3rd Annual Price Award. The award is named after horror icon Vincent Price. The award is dedicated to “honoring an artist whose work has achieved equally iconic status in the horror/fantasy genres.”

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