Which Characters on ‘The Masked Singer’ Were Eliminated So Far? 10/16

The Masked Singer Season 2 Cast


The Masked Singer is well underway, but for some celebrities, the competition is already over. These unlucky few to be voted out will be watching as a new member joins their ranks this week. Before a new celebrity is unmasked, catch up on which characters have already been revealed.

Johnny Weir

The clues were spot on about this TV personality and former figure skater. While “going for the gold,” Weir would compete on a global level as he represented the United States during Olympic and World Championship appearances. As to the egg, the symbolism could refer to his much-publicized loss of a prized possession. According to New York Post’s Page Six, the item wound up with his ex-husband Victor Voronov. In order to pay divorce-related debts, Voronov would go on to auction the item.

Weir has nothing but praise for the experience. “The thing that I think is so special about The Masked Singer is that there is a hero for everyone. You get the people, like me, who aren’t singers, that just want to live out that pop star dream that they had when they were kids and get on stage and sing, but you get to be anonymous behind a mask and nobody is going to judge you and say, ‘Oh my gosh, Johnny Weir wants to be a singer’,” Weir said during an interview with ET.

Ice Cream
Tyler “Ninja” Blevin

Belvin was revealed as part of the series’ double-elimination event. The gamer is known for his online presence which includes millions of viewers on Youtube and Twitch. Though he initially started covering other games, “Ninja” gained the most followers and views through live streaming Fornite.

While the clues were there, it was hard for many fans to guess who was behind this character. Much of the rationale for the Ice Cream Persona came from Blevin. “They gave me four or five things to choose from. I immediately gravitated to the ice cream because it was colorful, I always have my hair dyed. I literally am addicted to sweets. I love ice cream, I love candy and I always me. ice cream was very me,” he told EW after the reveal.

Leila Ali

Leila Ali’s famous family may have made it easy for some viewers to guess her identity. When asked about clues that referenced her father, Muhammed Ali, she reflected on her late father’s support while speaking to People. “Not singing per se, but one thing my father’s always been proud of is that whenever I do anything, I do it 100 percent and I go in with intentions of doing really well and I like to try and conquer my fears. That’s just something that’s ingrained in me,” Ali said.

While many viewers know Ali for her history in the ring or through various hosting duties on TV, she was nervous to try her hand at singing. Talking to The Wrap about her enthusiasm to try something new, she was eager for the opportunity. I love a challenge, I love to push myself, challenge myself. So I was like, ‘This will be great, this will be fun.’ It’s exciting and it’s another just look for me, because people know me as a fierce boxer and a fitness and wellness expert. I was like, ‘This will be fun for my fans to finally when they find out it’s me, to see a different side of myself.’ So all of that together is what enticed me,” she said. Outside of the series, Ali is the head of her own fitness and wellness brand.

Dr. Drew Pinsky

The Eagle character has become one of the most debated singers in the series. With guesses reaching everyone from Howard Stern to Craig Ferguson, viewers were surprised to learn that the man behind the mask was none other than Dr. Drew Pinsky. The TV and radio personality has been a part of numerous projects, including VH1’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

Pinsky also encountered a problem during his preparation; a vocal cord injury threatened to end his Masked Singer hopes before he even got started. “Immediately when I started training, I realized there was something wrong with my voice. And it turns out I had a bleed on my [vocal] cords. And then I had a varices and the treatment was supposed to be lasers, but we couldn’t do that,” Pinsky told Us Weekly. After working with professionals in the industry, Pinsky was able to recover what seemed lost.

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