‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’ Live Countdown


The new Breaking Bad movie that everyone is talking about is finally about to premiere. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie will premiere on Netflix at 3 a.m. Eastern (2 a.m. Central) on Friday, October 11. But if you’re counting down every second until it airs, we have several options for live countdowns for you.

Live Countdowns for the Breaking Bad Movie

The first live countdown is in this YouTube video below. It’s counting down to 3 a.m. Eastern on October 11.

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There’s also an official countdown on Samsung TV+ Chanel 1000, counting down to 12 a.m. Pacific (which is the same time, just a different time zone.)

Another countdown is embedded below. The seconds might be slightly off from the countdown above.

If you want a bigger experience, you can wait and instead of watching right when it premieres on Netflix, you can watch at a movie theater on October 11.

Go to ElCaminoBreakingBadMovie.com to see the showtimes near you. It does not look like this movie has a late Thursday night showing like some theaters will do. A lot of theaters that are showing the movie will have their first showings early in the evening on October 11. In fact, it seems a lot are having their first showing between 6 and 7 p.m. or so local time on October 11. Most theaters will continue to show El Camino in the coming days and over the weekend. Some will show it beyond that into next week.

So of course, the live countdowns won’t match the time the movie is premiering in theaters. It is only relevant for the movie’s premiere time on Netflix.

Everyone’s Very Excited About the Movie

Of course, fans can’t stop talking about the movie. It’s been six years since the show concluded, but fans have been enjoying Better Call Saul, a prequel in the same universe, in the meantime.

Spoilers for Breaking Bad are below.

For fans, it’s unclear where this movie will rank among the best of the Breaking Bad episodes. In the episode Phoenix, when Walt let Jesse’s girlfriend die and then missed the birth of his daughter, many viewers saw their sympathy for his character begin to fall away.

But the episode Ozymandias may be viewed as the best of all time by many fans. It was the 14th episode of the show’s final season and showed a turning point for Walter White. Hank was shot and killed despite Walt’s attempt to stop the neo-Nazis from ambushing the DEA agents. He cried after Hank was killed. But he had turned on Jesse and lost his family, so he fled with his fortune and set up a new identity.

But in the finale, Walt’s speech puts a spin on things. He tells Skyler that everything he did “I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really – I was alive.”

Walt left a lot of trauma on Jesse, who was more of a low-level drug dealer at first. But now, his life is immeasurably altered, destroyed by Walter’s descent.

You can see everything that Jesse lived through in this video below.

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This video above is probably the best way to get caught up on Jesse’s story before the movie begins.

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