‘El Camino’: Spoilers & Early Reactions to the ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie


Some people got to see the new Breaking Bad movie early. Although major spoilers haven’t emerged, there are a few minor spoilers about what to expect, along with reactions and reviews from people who’ve already seen the movie. Read on to learn more about people’s reactions and spoilers to El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. The movie premieres on Netflix on October 11 at 3 a.m. Eastern. Minor spoilers for the movie, along with reactions from fans who saw the movie early, are below. 

Most People Who Saw the Movie Early Loved It

On Reddit, u/hazmat5793 shared his experience at the Boise screening, where he received a signed poster from Aaron Paul.

When asked about the movie, he said: “It was awesome. Masterful cinematic coda to Pinkman’s story. Very powerful. And the showing was the best. They had everyone bag their phones in security pouches on the way in a la Dave Chapelle. No pics.” 

He said the runtime was around 1:45 (on Netflix’s listing it says 2 hours and 2 minutes.)

Mark Hamill had nothing but joy for the movie.


He wrote: “It’s no SPOILER to say: I’ve never wanted the #BreakingBAd movie #ElCamino to end, #VinceGilligan is a flat-out genius & @aaronpaul_8 leads a perfect cast, cooks on all cylinders & owns it like a BOSS…”

We do know that Jonathan Banks, who plays Mike, has said he will be in the movie, The Ringer reported. So that means we have to be seeing some flashbacks in the Netflix movie (unless he’s a hallucination.)

Another person who saw the movie early, u/lions313iml, wrote about it on Reddit too.

They wrote: “Incredible as expected, Vince and Aaron deserve every bit of faith you put in them.”

Apparently, the movie is also going to answer a lot of questions and some Breaking Bad theories, according to this next Redditor’s post who saw a screening in Los Angeles.

The movie will also have “great flashbacks,” u/quiubole82 advised. They later wrote: “got the chills on the first flashback at the Hotel.”

Redditor CliffConHatch said the movie was one that any Breaking Bad fan will appreciate. In answer to a question from one fan who said they heard there wasn’t much action, CliffConHatch wrote: “Not as much action as John Wick, but more action than What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.”

When asked which Breaking Bad episodes felt the most like El Camino, the said: “Granite State and Full Measure.” Another person said it was Granite State and Bag’s in the River. He also said that you don’t have to see Better Call Saul to enjoy the movie or understand it.

When asked about Bryan Cranston and if he’s in the movie, they just said: “I’d love to answer this one, but it kinda bleeds into spoiler territory. Maybe he’s in it, maybe he’s not.”

He also said the movie doesn’t go overboard with fan service. It keeps “a very even-keeled, serious tone.”

Redditor Slickrickkk also saw the movie. They wrote: “Amazing film. Lives up to the hype. I won’t say much, but it isn’t filled with a ton of action but there is some. Many surprises, many pay-offs. The perfect conclusion to the Jesse and Breaking Bad story.”

The action question came up a lot. They said to one person who asked if people were disappointed by the lack of action: “The dude next to me said, ‘That’s it?’ then laughed. But don’t be fooled, I and everyone else there were clapping and hollering. Perfect ending.”

They also said that Aaron Paul picked up right where he left off with the series. “This is Jesse’s story. Breaking Bad is more than just Jesse and Walt, but I think this is a good ending.”

Redditor u/ICooktheBlueStuff saw the premiere early and wrote:

Going into the film, I had really high expectations. BB and BCS are perfection in my eyes so I really don’t think I could’ve expected anything less from Vince. However, I think I did set my expectations a bit too high because the film was certainly with it’s flaws. There were a lot of things I loved, there were a couple of weird moments, and there was one thing that I hated. One thing I feel certain about is that people will be surprised by some of the things they do and don’t do in this film.”

When asked if they like how the movie ended they simply said: “I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it. I’d just say there were more things that I wish they did with the ending that they didn’t.” 

Did it feel incomplete, they asked.

“I wouldn’t say incomplete, I just think it left a few things to be desired (one thing specifically that I can’t get into without spoilers). Though like I said, I don’t hate the ending. I have more issues with the climax than the ending.”

To add on to the climax part, they later wrote: “I found the climax of the film to be disappointing. I feel like it was a bit poorly-written and that I had to suspend reality for the scene. Also it was just generally disappointing because I think they had built up the tension well and that it could’ve been done much better.” 

There are also a few new characters in the movie, they added. “I personally lean to not really liking them much. I thought the pacing was fine, but the tone was weird.”

They said the movie had some comedy mixed in, which they weren’t expecting.

However, they later added that they’d rate the movie 7/10.

Others like the movie far more. Redditor matrix12k wrote: “If you loved breaking bad, you’re gonna enjoy this movie. It won’t ruin the series for you in any way. The filming, acting, direction, cinematography, music are all similar to the series.”

Here’s How to Prepare for the Movie

Back in August, Aaron Paul told fans to rewatch the Season 3 episode “One Minute” in order to be ready for the movie.

This video by Netflix will also help you prepare.

VideoVideo related to ‘el camino’: spoilers & early reactions to the ‘breaking bad’ movie2019-10-10T09:00:00-04:00

The video goes through much of the trauma that Jesse endured during the series. Netflix wrote: “Fugitive Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) runs from his captors, the law and his past. Written and directed by “Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan.”

Another Redditor who saw the movie advised watching the last four episodes to prepare.

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