‘El Camino’ Skinny Pete Missing Scene: What Happened?


A teaser scene that Netflix released in late August for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie featured Skinny Pete being interrogated by the police, but an interrogation scene never ended up in the movie. What happened? Here’s the scene and what we know. This article will have spoilers for El Camino, but it won’t contain spoilers for how the movie ended. 

The Skinny Pete Interrogation Scene Was in a Teaser Trailer

First, here’s the missing scene that was in the Netflix trailer, but never ended up in the movie. Fans were hoping for more Skinny Pete scenes that didn’t happen.

In the scene above from the teaser, the police are interrogating Skinny Pete, trying to find what happened to Jesse. He had escaped from his captors, who held him for months, thanks to Walter White in the final season of Breaking Bad.  Now he’s on the run and is a wanted man. In the teaser, Skinny Pete tells them that he has no idea where Jesse is and doesn’t know where he’s heading. “I don’t have a clue.” Then he says that even if he did, he wouldn’t tell them. He said he saw the cage they kept him in to make sure he kept cooking meth, and he doesn’t want to see Jesse get put back in another cage.

There’s a telling scene near the beginning of El Camino, after Skinny Pete and Badger help Jesse escape. Skinny Pete parks Jesse’s car outside his house in plain sight and is waiting for the police to arrive. He has a plan about what he’s going to tell the police, and he tells Badger that he has a few hours to ditch his car in a not-too-tough-to-find spot before he tells the police about it. That will further move the police in a search direction that will take them away from Jesse.

The police send a huge brigade of cars to Skinny Pete’s home after a lo-jack tracker goes off in Jesse’s car, and Skinny Pete is ready for them.

After that scene, fans expected a longer interrogation scene with Skinny Pete since it was in one of the trailers. But that scene never materialized.

Charles Baker Said the Scene Had to Be Cut from the Movie for Time

Charles Baker, who plays Skinny Pete, replied to a question on Twitter from a viewer who wondered what happened to the teaser scene and if more from the interrogation had been filmed.

Kenneth Thompson tweeted, wondering why the scene wasn’t in the full movie. Baker responded: “It wasn’t part of the original script- there was a similar scene that we shot, but, I’m told it had to be cut for time.”


Kenneth Thompson, who wrote the original tweet, was excited by the reply.


So it looks like the interrogation scene (and maybe a longer interrogation scene) was filmed but ended up being cut because the movie was already more than two hours long. Fans are hoping that maybe we’ll see the deleted scene on a DVD release in the future. Or maybe we’ll get to see an extra-long director’s cut version of the movie at some point down the line.

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