WATCH: Woah Vicky & ‘Catch Me Outside’ Bhad Bhabie’s Fight Goes Viral

Instagram Woah Vicky and Bhad Bhabi

Bhad Barbie, whose real name is Danielle Bregoli, famous for coining the phrase “Catch me outside, how bout that?” during an appearance on Dr. Phil, got into a physical altercation with Woah Vicky, whose real name is Victoria Waldrip. After the video surfaced of the intense fight on Wednesday morning, it quickly went viral.

Woah Vicky is a popular influencer with 2.5 million followers on Instagram, while Bhabi is a rapper and Internet personality, with 17.1 million Instagram followers. The two have been beefing with one another since 2018. In April of last year, Bhabi challenged Vicky to a fight, but were pulled apart by the respective teams.

Bhabi’s issues with Vicky stemmed from that fact she hated on the influencer’s “The Race (Rice Gum Diss).” Bhabi called the song racist, YouTube actually pulled the video off the Internet due to its extremely racially charged lyrics, and led to a FaceTime verbal fight between the two social media stars in October 2018.

Now, it seems the drama between the two boiled over at a recording studio in California.

In the video, Bhabie can be heard shouting, “What you doing? Get off me!” as an onlooker can be heard jokingly saying, “You came here and got beat up, you stupid.” Bhabi, who’s wearing a red sweatshirt and leggings, replied asking, “Who got beat up?”

In the meantime, Vicky, 19, threw some pretty intense punches, who is bigger and older than Bhabi. From the footage, it appears Vicky had the upper-hand during the altercation, which isn’t surprising considering Bhabi is 16-years-old and stands at 5’2.

“Is this hoe crazy?” Bhabie can be heard saying in the video. “Now you won’t even let me get to you? You crazy b**ch!”

Woah Vicky Posted Her Own Video of The Fight On Instagram

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A post shared by Woah Vicky (@imwoahvicky) on Oct 30, 2019 at 3:52am PDT

Vicky posted her own video of the incident on social media Wednesday morning. She captioned the clip “Hmm,” and captured a screaming Bhabie shouting, “Get the f**k off me” while being held by a few of the males who were in the studio.

Bhad Bhabi’s Response to The Fight Was Deleted, Said She Was ‘Unscathed’

In a since deleted Instagram story video Bhabi wrote, “Why don’t you just pull up with no dudes… nobody holding nobody back,” and claimed that she came out of the fight unscathed.

“Dude in the grey was holding me that’s why she was able to get on top of me,” Bhabie continued. “You can literally see my hand going into her face while she was on top of me. She would not get up and fight for real it was a whole bunch of dudes pulling and pushing y’all only seen clips of the video.”

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