Briana DeJesus Breaks Up With Boyfriend John Rodriguez

Briana DeJesus

Instagram Briana DeJesus on an all-new episode of 'Teen Mom 2'.

On tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2Briana makes a major decision that leaves John sidelined. What exactly is that decision? To dump him.

Here’s what we know:

The Breakup Occurred in August

While the details of the break up will be documented in tonight’s episode, Briana and Rodriguez actually split back in August, after a year of dating. In May 2019, they celebrated their anniversary with a trip to Punta Cana.

Speculation about their break up started in August, when fans took note that the two had unfollowed one another on social media.

Speaking to US Weekly about the breakup, DeJesus shared, “To be perfectly frank, I did not plan on addressing my personal life and what was going on in it whatsoever publicly at this time… I decided it was best to take matters into my own hands and just address the truth head on.”

She spoke to the outlet just a few days after the breakup, adding, “I realized I wasn’t happy, had too much on my plate and needed to stay focused on all the things going on in my life including my kids, my new spa, filming Teen Mom 2, my other job and my family.”

In her interview, Bri made sure to dismiss rumors of her getting back together with Javi Marroquin, saying, “Even if Javi did want me back — which I’m certain he doesn’t — it’s a solid no from my point. We will never, ever be back together.”

They Remain Cordial

Despite the breakup, the pair are still on good terms.

Briana tells US Weekly, “At the end of the day I truly feel bad about what went down with John and I, as he really is a great, sweet, amazing man,” she says.

In her interview, DeJesus also insisted that Rodriguez was, at no point, unfaithful to her. “There was absolutely no cheating in our relationship,” she says. “John’s a really great guy and the allegations were completely false.”

Could there be hope for the couple in the future? In September, Briana told E! Online that the whole scenario was difficult to talk about. “I still don’t really know exactly what’s going on in our relationship right now. We’re not together. We haven’t spoken and there’s just a lot going on,” Briana explained. “I don’t know how it’s going to play out on television. I still don’t know what the real deal is.”

She said that her main focus is on her girls and her business.

Briana is the brains behind a beauty business, which, based on her Instagram, is called “Bri Baby Beauty.” The company is based in Orlando, and offers eyelash extensions, eyelash lifts, tints, micro shading, teeth whitening, facials, full-body waxes, and body contouring.

One look at Bri’s Instagram makes it clear that her children, Nova and Stella, are her main focus. Most pictures are of her and her daughters traveling, posing, and on a number of adventures.

How will John take to the break up on tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2? Be sure to tune in at 8pm ET/PT on MTV to find out.

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