‘Dancing With the Stars’ 2019 Winner Predictions: Could Kel or Ally Win?

Dancing With the Stars 2019 Winner

ABC/Justin Stephens Pictured: Kel Mitchell

What are the winner predictions for Dancing With the Stars 2019? Could Kel Mitchell beat out Ally Brooke to become the DWTS season 28 champion?

Lauren Alaina, Hannah Brown, Ally Brooke, and Kel Mitchell are the four remaining contestants but Brooke and Mitchell’s scores have made them the celebrities to beat.

Read on below for their odds in the competition and winner predictions.

Ally Brooke Was Nearly Eliminated in the Semifinals

James Van Der Beek Elimination on DWTS

ABC/Eric McCandlessPictured: James Van Der Beek’s Elimination

Prior to last week, James Van Der Beek was dubbed the frontrunner this season, but an unexpected elimination took him out of the running. It was an emotional week for Van Der Beek who was dealing with his wife Kimberly’s miscarriage and he didn’t receive the usual high scores he was used to on the show. He ended up in the bottom of the votes with finalist Ally Brooke.

Brooke had been in the bottom a couple of times despite her high scores, so one might expect for her to be eliminated, rather than fan-favorite frontrunner Van Der Beek. It was clear on the faces of their fellow cast members that Van Der Beek’s elimination was a shock. Even the judges who made the decision to vote off Van Der Beek were affected by the loss.

People reported that judge Carrie Ann Inaba revealed on The Talk that she vomited after sending home Van Der Beek, though she stands by her vote. Inaba said, “As a human being, what he and his wife Kimberly suffered is heartbreaking and I have so much sadness in my heart for them and my prayers are with them. But, you know, this is when it’s really hard is that, as a judge, I have to judge the dance … I went home and I vomited.”

Contestant Ally Brooke was also overcome by the situation. She sobbed upon hearing the results and pleaded with host Tom Bergeron to let Van Der Beek take her place in the finale.

Since the semifinals, Brooke has been in contact with Van Der Beek via texting and she told Us Weekly, “James was so wonderful. He’s like, ‘Girl, you shine and go enjoy this and go shine.’ So I took that with me, but you know I did work so hard to get here and it’s not been easy and I’m very, very thankful to be in the finale.”

She continued, “He’s just the sweetest. He’s such an encourager and an amazing human being. He’s just a remarkable man.”

Brooke definitely has the judges on her side when it comes to her scores and how they feel about her evolution in her dancing. But, she hasn’t always had America’s support. Perhaps after graciously trying to give up her place in the competition to Van Der Beek, America will be swayed by her compassion and grant her their votes.

Kel Mitchell Has Consistently Had the Votes

Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson on Dancing With the Stars

ABC/Eric McCandlessPictured: Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson

Kel Mitchell has come a long way in the competition with his dancing consistently getting better. Starting off, his dancing wasn’t bad at all. He needed to learn more technique and loosen up on the dance floor. That he did.

He dances opposite a DWTS veteran, Witney Carson, who is a fan-favorite and has won the mirrorball trophy in the past. Fans may remember when she soared through the competition with the energetic and talented Alfonso Ribeiro.

Gold Derby has reported that Brooke is favored to win over Mitchell but that he is second in the odds to take the win. Regardless of this, Mitchell may have the votes over Brooke, as he has in past weeks.

Plus, it’s anyone’s game when it comes to a live show. One misstep or wardrobe malfunction can make or break the competition. James Van Der Beek is a prime example of this.

So, the predictable winner is Ally Brooke, but Mitchell definitely has a good shot at taking the season 28 mirrorball champion title.

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