Flower on ‘The Masked Singer’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Flower on 'The Masked Singer'

Youtube The Flower performing on 'The Masked Singer'.

The Masked Singer is one big guessing game, and the Flower certainly has people guessing this season on the reality series.

Facing a panel of four judges that includes Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger, The Masked Singer hides the identity of 16 celebrities in elaborate costumes, leaving the guessing to the audience after they belt their hearts out.

What do we know about The Flower? Who could it be? Read on.

1. She ‘Blossoms’ in Every Field She Plants Herself In

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In her clue video package before her performance, the flower shared, “I blossom in every field I plant myself in and I’m here to branch out yet again.”

This hint led fans to believe that the singer under the costume could be actress Mayim Bialik– after all, she was the star of the 1990s show Blossom. But this season, the clues are even more difficult to decipher and we think that may be too easy of a giveaway if it was Bialik.

2. Her Costume Contains over 30 Layers of Handsewn Petals

In the flower intro video, Nick Cannon shares that the flower is the only character in the history of The Masked Singer to have facial features as part of her costume. She also has 30 layers of handsewn petals on her head.

Other than the abundance of flower references, the intro video for the flower was quite sparse, not giving out many hints as to the singer’s identity. It’s possible because she has such distinct vocals.

3. Fans Are Confident the Singer Is Patti LaBelle

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In a “Proof Identity” video made by a fan of the series (and shown above), it’s pointed out that Patti LaBelle, among her many talents, enjoys flower arranging, cooking, and crafts. This is mentioned in the clue package for The Flower, too.

She has also referenced the fact that she rarely leaves the house without her makeup on.

Ken also picked up on the Empire reference in the clue package. Fans may recall that LaBelle made a guest appearance on the season one finale of the show.

4. She Performed Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5”

When the Flower took to the stage for the first time, she belted out Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5”, making it clear she has a musical background.

After her performance, Nicole Scherzinger told Nick Cannon, “I thought I heard Patti LaBelle’s voice in there.” But Jenny McCarthy, on the other hand, thought the voice sounded like Taraji P. Henson from Empire.

Robin Thicke, meanwhile, guessed the voice behind the mask is Jessie J or Bjork.

5. There Are a ‘Dozen Reasons’ You’ll Love Her

The Masked Singer Flower

FOXTHE MASKED SINGER: The Flower. THE MASKED SINGER premieres Wednesday, Sept. 25 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

One final clue The Flower has shared is that there are a “dozen reasons” why you’ll love her. She also is somehow associated with the numbers 314.

This clue seems to match up with the Mayim theory. After all, there were twelve seasons of The Bing Bang Theory, and the actress’s apartment number on the TV series was 314.

But at the end of the day, we can’t help but hear the vocal match between the Flower and LaBelle. We think the Mayim clues were here to throw off eagle-eyed fans who think they’ve solved it.

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