Food Lion Hours For Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2019

What grocery stores are open on Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving means that grocery stores stay open to accommodate those last minute needs for cooks. Food Lion is open for both Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Most locations will be open until 5pm. These times may vary due selected area regulations or other policies.

Online Ordering


Online ordering is also available, with some locations also offering delivery. Check with the store itself about holiday delivery policies as they may vary. The online ordering function makes it easy for customers to pick up everything needed to make a complete meal as well as those last minute necessities. This function provides the discounted prices commonly seen in-store or on ads. While on the store’s website, users can catch out a blog full of cooking ideas along with the groceries needed to make them happen. Standard recipes are included to keep readers on the right track. Seasonal recipes throughout the year present new ideas as well as classic interpretations of well-known staples.

Food Lion FEEDS

The company is offering customers a chance to be charitable during the holidays with their Food Lion FEEDS program. Customers can purchase a box for $5 that covers a meal for those in need. The boxes are donated to local food banks. “Food Lion is about food. That’s why we are so passionate about helping to solve hunger today, while investing in and honoring those who work toward ending hunger tomorrow.” the company wrote of the program. “Together with our customers, associates and partners, we can create a better tomorrow by finding ways to serve the families who are struggling.” Cash donations may be made onsite.

Weekly Specials

Weekly specials are listed on the store’s website and are available in handouts at the store location. Even those on a quick run to the store should take a moment to check this out. Specials change on a weekly basis and cover all sections of the store’s inventory. Many items that go along with holiday cooking are featured in these deals. Sign up for an MVP card to receive even more deals. Stores have a kiosk that prints out coupons most likely to be used by the shopper. Coupons are also listed on the website. They can be loaded onto MVP cards by simply using the account online.

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