Fox on ‘The Masked Singer’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Fox on The Masked Singer

Youtube The Fox performs on 'The Masked Singer'.

Season 2 of The Masked Singer is well underway, and fans are itching to find out which celebs are hiding under each costume.

Tonight, the Fox will take the stage once again. And as per usual, he will have everyone guessing his identity.

What do we know about the Fox? Who could it be? What are the top clues for the Fox on this season of the singing competition?

Here’s what we know.

1. The Celebrity Under the Mask Came up with the Idea for the Fox’s Glowing Eye

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Fox’s costume took the designers the most time to make. They spent over 80 hours constructing his tail, alone.

Clues for the furry creature reveal that the celebrity under the mask personally “conjured up” the details of the animal’s costume, from the glowing eye to the steering-wheel nose, and top hat.

And the guy can sing, too. After his performance two weeks ago, Jenny McCarthy called the Fox’s voice “Broadway, Tony-award.”

2. His Pre-Performance Package Involves a Bedtime Story

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The Fox’s pre-performance video depicts a bedtime story, suggesting it’s possible that he has worked with children in the past.

The woodland creature also says, “I’ve definitely done my best work at night. I’ve dabbled in many different genres… [and] over the years, I’ve lived two different lives.” He adds, that he has a “superhero” persona.

Nick Cannon has described the Fox as the “sneakiest” of all critters.

3. Most Fans Think It’s Wayne Brady

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If you check out the Fox’s performance on Youtube, you’ll find a number of fans who have written in the comments section that they’re sure the Fox is Wayne Brady. One fan recently wrote, “This sounds more like Wayne Brady than the thingamajig.” Another added, “I’ve watched too much ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ to not know it’s him.”

The clues seem to match up with the identity of Wayne Brady, too. Not only does Brady have one daughter, but the fox says he “does his best work at night.” Brady is known for his appearances on late-night television, and Broadway– all of which, clearly, take place at night.

Lastly, the Fox has made references to Doogie and Doubtfires– Neil Patrick Harris and Robin Williams have both appeared on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” with Brady. And if you listen to the vocals above, they sound startlingly similar to The Fox’s smooth tones.

4. Some Are Convinced It’s Jeremy Renner

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Cosmopolitan is convinced that fans are right when they guess the masked singer is Jeremy Renner.

Renner plays Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is a singer, too. A few fans have drawn a parallel between his song “Main Attraction” and the song in his Masked Singer clue video. It’s worth noting that Renner plays a fox in the upcoming film Arctic Dogs.

However, some fans keep pointing to the reference of superheroes and the one-eye trait as an indicator of the Fox being Samuel L. Jackson. Others are convinced Jackson would never end up on this show.

5. Ken Believes It Could Be Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx – I Might Need Security – Piano Session FULLJamie Foxx – I Might Need Security (2002) Only The Piano Session Part2013-07-09T17:01:08.000Z

When the judges were asked who they believe could be under the mask, they were admittedly perplexed. Jenny guessed Wesley Snipes or Leslie Odom Jr., Nicole guessed Anthony Mackie, and Ken said it’s possibly Tyrese Gibson or Jamie Foxx.

Other than the fact that the last name is a bit of a giveaway, one fan concurred with Ken, noting that Jamie Foxx can “change his voice and imitate other people too so he’d keep people guessing.”

Who is the Fox? When will he be revealed? Only time will tell.

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