‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’: Lyrica Doesn’t Like What She Sees in A1’s DMs

Lyrica and A1 Love Hip Hop: Hollywood


Apryl Jones, Lil’ Fizz and Moniece may have some major drama happening on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, but they aren’t the only ones with some issues to work through. In this preview for Monday’s (Nov. 4) episode, A1 Bentley and Lyrica Anderson have their own face to face talk where he basically begs her to come back and she’s not so sure.

It starts out wonderfully. A1 sets up a beautiful picnic in the park, complete with a violinist, which is quite the fancy touch.

“Lyrica has agreed to a playdate today, so I decided to make it just a little special,” says A1. “I’m hoping this picnic will help us get back to where we used to be.”

He makes a great choice on the food — the two of them had Cheesecake Factory on their first date, so that’s what he goes with here.

“I haven’t really seen you since Vegas,” she says and he tells her that he’s had a lot of time to be by himself to realize what he had that he’s missing.

“I was trippin’. I just want to make things right. The house ain’t a home without you,” he says, holding their son, Ocean. “I just want my family back.”

But Lyrica isn’t sure. She’s wondering if this is going to keep happening, referring to his previous infidelity. She tells A1 he can’t keep doing the same thing and making excuses. He says that he’s trying, but Lyrica wants to see his phone.

She goes into his Twitter DMs and does not like what she sees.

“The first thing I click on, I see *ss and g-strings, ‘Hey, what’s up?'”” she says, adding, “DMing girls in thongs to make twerk videos for you? You need to have an assistant doing things like this for you. I’m not comfortable with you being with girls anymore. I’m not DMing men ‘Can you come pop your penis to my song?'”

She looks at him and concludes that as far as coming home goes, she just needs to think about it.

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“I’m not sitting here frontin’ like I got it all figured out,” says A1. “But I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get this family back right.”

Lyrica likes what he’s saying, but she says she’s gotten herself into a headspace where she’s trying to move on, so she just has to “figure out [her] steps.”

“You ain’t gotta move your stuff back in, you can keep your stuff in storage. Just come back home and do a trial, you know what I’m sayin’? Let me show you that I mean what I say,” he pleads.

Will Lyrica agree to move back in? Find out on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Monday, Nov. 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on VH1.

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