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Season 2 of Temptation Island is well underway, and fans can’t wait to find out which couples will stay together, and which couples will call it quits. If you’ve been watching this season, it’s pretty clear not all four couples are going to last. There’s been hookups, tears, and tension in the two houses.

The Temptation Island reunion taped in early November in Los Angeles. An insider tells Us Weekly it was “explosive.” In fact, one of the couples that decided to stay together has since broken up because of what they saw when the show aired.

None of the couples have confirmed if they’re still together or not, but social media has given us some insight into who’s with who. What are our predictions?

Read on.

Ashley & Rick

We don’t know if these two are still together, but our guess is that they are not. Both have kissed other people on the show, and it seems that those relationships with the singles in the house are only going to develop. It’s also worth noting that KB is active on Ashley’s Instagram page. Rick commented with some fire emojis on Ashley’s Instagram post in August, and the two have left one another a few Instagram comments, too. We’re not saying that KB and Ashley are together, but the signs point to her and Rick having ended things.

Based on the fact that she’s wished him a happy birthday on his Instagram, though, we’re assuming that there’s no bad blood between the two and that they’ve forgiven each other.

Kate & David

Kate and David are another couple we’re not holding out hope for. David had a threesome on last week’s episode and followed that up with a date with Samantha. Kate already wasn’t feeling the one-on-one hot tub time between David and Toneata, and last week’s reveal set her over the edge. We think, at least.

They have, however, been liking one another’s posts on social media. Our guess is that they are the couple who stayed together, but since broke up after the show aired. We think that when Kate finally saw footage of David’s interaction between Samantha and Payton, she called it quits on her relationship.

Esonica & Gavin

What about Esonica and Gavin? Our guess is that this couple could work out. Most of the issues in their relationship seem to revolve around Gavin not giving Esonica the time of day, and not making her feel loved. The two also haven’t cheated on one another so far. (Except for Gavin licking some toes.)

If Gavin can get his act together, we’re sure the two will make it work.

Casey & Ashley

When it comes to Casey and Ashley, we’re pretty sure the two do not stay together in the end. Last week, Casey said in the hot tub that he thinks he could easily get over Ashley if he needed to. Ashley was heartbroken. But she’s also built some strong connections with the men in the house. And one look at social media will reveal that Ashley and Ben have been liking each other’s posts.

She even uploaded a picture from one of her dates with Ben, and Snooki (yes the Snooki you are thinking of) commented, “If you don’t end up with Ben I’m leaving.”

At the very least, we can say this: not all of the couples will stay together. On Season 1 of the show, only one couple lasted, and our prediction is for history to repeat itself.

Be sure to tune into Temptation Island Thursdays at 10pm ET/PT on USA Network.

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