Esonica Veira & Gavin Rocker: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Esonica and Gavin

Getty Esonica and Gavin on 'Temptation Island' Season 2.

Four couples experiencing struggles in their relationship are ready to take on Temptation Island. During their adventures, they’ll answer the question, “Are we really meant to be together?”

One of the couples on Season 2 of the reality series is Sonic and Gavin. Will their journey bring them closer together, or are they headed to splitsville?

*Note: This post will be updated with more information as the season progresses.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. They’ve Been Together for A Year and a Half

'Temptation Island' Couple Esonica And Gavin Reveal Their Shocking 'Deal Breakers'Will this couple really survive "Temptation Island"? Esonica is ready to get engaged, but Gavin might not be ready to make that life-long commitment! Before officially starting their journey on the hit reality show, Gavin and Esconica revealed to Access Hollywood their shocking "deal breakers." Will Gavin and Esonica let temptation ruin their fairytale ending? Watch full episodes of "Temptation Island" on USA Network: #AccessHollywood #TemptationIsland2019-10-09T23:29:38.000Z

Esonica tells cameras that she was always attracted to Gavin’s good looks, and it’s just a plus that he’s handsome and smart.

Gavin shares that he is a little nervous about taking a step towards marriage, which is what Esonica is hoping for, because he’s moving a little slower than his girlfriend.

Asked by In Style how he feels going into this experience of Temptation Island, Gavin shares, “I’m feeling pretty numb right now. It’s happening, but it still doesn’t feel real. I feel the anxiety slowly creeping up. When you have 12 people who are here for you, it’s like, “Woah, that’s a lot.” It will definitely be an experience.”

Asked the same question, Esonica responded, “For me, it feels like it started the moment I got off the plane. But I’m just going with the flow and seeing what happens. Realistically, every day when you walk out the door you could be tempted — you have the option to choose to be tempted or not.”

2. Esonica Is a Former Pageant Queen

While Esonica is a former beauty pageant queen, Gavin works as a private security officer. Esonica is 30 and Gavin is 26.

After Day 1 on the show (and after meeting the single ladies), Gavin shared with Mark Wahlberg that he missed Esonica immensely during his time with the women. Esonica rolled her eyes, not seeming to believe him.

Esonica admits that her biggest fear is of the unknown. “Not knowing the connections he’s having and how he’s gonna feel four weeks from now. It is what it is; I can’t control it. And sometimes I guess I could be a little controlling, so since I can’t do that … I’m scared. [laughs]”

3. They’re Nervous about Watching One Another’s Clips

Both Gavin and Esonica are admittedly worried about watching clips of one another when the time comes.

Gavin adds, “Actually, I’m more worried for her to watch mine. Not because I plan on doing a bunch of bad things, but I know how TV can be. They’ll probably pick a clip that looks really bad and makes it seem like I’m doing something I’m not doing. I do wanna watch her clips, though.”

4. Esonica Is the CEO of Forever Royal Cosmetics

According to her Instagram bio, Esonica is the CEO of ‘Forever Royal Cosmetics,’ which you can check out here.

The company’s bio reads, “A brand by @iamesonicaveira created to promote self esteem in our QUEENS! Hand Made, Cruelty free & enriched with Vitamin E.”

The company’s webpage reveals products like lip gloss that run for $15. Learn more here.

5. Gavin Found out about the Show through Instagram

In his interview with Access, Gavin explains that he found out about the show through Instagram. “Right when I saw it, I texted her immediately and I was like, ‘Yo, we should do this show.'”

Esonica goes on to say that she had her doubts at first and her safe haven was, “Well, we’re not going to get on the show, anyways.” Slowly, however, the two climbed the ranks of the audition process, until they were on Temptation Island.

Be sure to tune into Temptation Island Thursdays at 10pm ET/PT on USA Network to see how the drama unfolds.

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