WATCH: ‘LHHH’s’ Star Divine Spits at Tricia During Zell’s Fashion Show Fight

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The Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood drama is off the charts on Monday’s (Nov. 18) episode, titled “Showstopper” — which could not be a more apt title because Zell’s fashion show party comes to a screeching halt when Tricia Ana and his new girlfriend Star Divine get into it.

It starts because Tricia Ana goes to congratulate Zell on his performance of “Oh My God” and he tells Tricia Ana, “I still don’t know about you.” Tricia does not take that especially well.

“You’re not going to tell me to sit down,” she says in this clip. “I will just say his friend was a b*tch and that’s all I’m gonna say.”


Zell’s new main squeeze, Star Divine, gets in on the action, telling Trish to relax, which just winds Tricia Ana up more.

“Don’t disrespect me … you don’t know me!” shouts Tricia, to which Star responds, “No, I don’t know you, but everybody knows me. You’re not about to disrespect my man!”

Then Star spits at her! And Trish is escorted out of there by Misster Ray, with everybody wondering why he even brought her. As she gets into the car, Trish says, “I don’t f*cking care, I’ll battle them all.”

“G**ddammit, Trish, shut up! Why? Just be quiet,” says her ex Micky Munday, adding, “He can’t control her.”

Tricia recently posted a video of the fight to Instagram, writing, “Don’t disrespect me & we cool… please don’t try me THANK YOU.”

As for Star and Zell, the two of them have been dating for a few months. She recently posted a pic of them to Instagram with the caption, “You Accept Me & My Foul Mouth, I Accept Yours, You Got My Back, So I Got Yours For Eternity.”

She also put one up back in July that is from the very night in question, causing her followers to correctly guess that she would be on the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

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