Who Could Be Eliminated on The Voice Tomorrow? 11/18/2019

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The Voice’s live shows are in full swing for season 17, with the Top 20 performing last week before being narrowed down to 13. It was a hard week, with fan favorites Alex Guthrie, Gracee Shriver, Jake HaldenVang, and Khalea Lynee all going home. Interestingly, for the Top 20, there was a rule instituted this year that said the top 2 vote-getters from each team would advance, rather than taking the top 8 contestants who received the most overall votes. But this week it doesn’t sound like there will be any special per-team rules. So, who is going to be eliminated from The Voice this week?

The way the Top 13 works is that each singer will perform one song and the seven who receive the most votes from the public will advance automatically. The three lowest vote-getters will be eliminated, then the three in between the top 7 and the bottom 3 will perform for the Instant Save Tuesday (Nov. 19). Viewers will vote immediately on the Instant Save and that person will make up the last spot in the top 8.

Over at Gold Derby’s viewer poll for this week, the five lowest-ranked contestants are Shane Q, Myracle Holloway, Joana Martinez, Cali Wilson, and Jake Hoot, none of whom earn higher than 3 percent in the poll. Right on their heels are Ricky Duran with 4 percent and Hello Sunday with 5 percent.

Given the fact that Hello Sunday had to earn the wild card spot last week, we’d say this singing duo is a likely candidate for elimination this week. Along those lines, Shane Q, Myracle Holloway, and Cali Wilson all had to be chosen last week by their respective coaches in order to carry on in the competition, so they are likely candidates as well. Only Joana Martinez, Jake Hoot, and Ricky Duran garnered enough votes from the viewing audience to stay on their own, but of course, it all depends on the performances.

The only contestants we think we can confidently say will be safe this week are Rose Short, Max Boyle, and Katie Kadan, all of whom are not only the highest-ranked contestants in the Gold Derby poll but who have been touted as frontrunners by viewers and the judges all season long.

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