Why Sean Spicer Does Well on DWTS: Fan Theories

Sean Spicer attends casting with the stars cast reveal

Getty Sean Spicer arrives at Dancing with the Stars cast reveal.

Dancing with the Stars has experienced its share of controversies during the series’ long run. Last season, it was the much-discussed and debated win by radio personality Bobby Bones. This season, Sean Spicer raised the ire of fans and casual viewers alike. His stay on the show has become a mystery that viewers try to solve week after week. Just like any good mystery, theories abound. While some seem perfectly plausible, others stretch the imagination. Read on to find out what fans think is really going on this season.

Theory 1: Spicer’s Political Connections Are Helping Him

There’s a lot to be said for this theory because, whether he likes it or not, Spicer is a controversial figure due to his time as press secretary. In that job, he gained some powerful conservative friends that are still loyal to him after his departure from the famous job. For several weeks, Spicer has picked up endorsements fon Twitter from Donald Trump, Donald Trump JR., Mike Huckabee. and Reince Priebus. With a combined total of millions of followers, these personalities have created a possible pool of voters that act out of loyalty above dancing skills.

Spicer himself has taken to conservative media and websites to drum up support for his quest to become this season’s champion. His social media accounts also take a political tone as he uses methods perfected in elections to reach out to supporters. Every week since his debut, the political figure has used his accounts to campaign to followers and possible voters alike with media designed to inspire votes.

Theory 2: Some Voters Are Using Bots or Multiple Accounts to Achieve a Higher Voie Count

The bot and multiple accounts theory always seems to come up when online voting is involved. It would be hard to do, but certainly not impossible with a bit of work, knowledge, money, and time. Voters who use the online method must have a registered ABC account. Of course, there are no limits to how many accounts an IP address can sign up for. ABC even encourages multiple members of households to get in on the voting with their own personalized accounts.

Text messages are the other voting method this season. The most likely choice for manipulation of texts is through a bot. They’re used by businesses all the time to send out messages to a large list of contacts. The same thing could be said for how the numbers could change with just one specialized bot helping out.

Theory 3: Voters Who Don’t Watch the Series Are Taking Up the Cause

This is a popular theory that is finding some truth, especially if anecdotal social media posts are to be believed. Many posts are pointing to voters who have never seen the show stepping up to help Spicer. If that’s true, the practice is certainly not against any rules set by ABC. On the other hand, it looks bad to longtime fans who have an interest in seeing the best dancers rewarded for their hard work.

Theory 4: Underdogs Are Always a Popular Choice

There is always an underdog hen it comes to competitions. and Spicer started out in that position. As he has stayed in the competition, there have been some who argued about his decision to stay on the series. Whether Spicer keeps viewers who pull for the most unlikely contestants may be up to future dances planned. If he shows no improvement, he risks alienating casual fans that are on the fence about his time on the series.

Theory 5. The Show Is Rigged for Ratings and More Viewers

Fans have been singling out this theory long before Spicer ever hit the dancefloor. Controversy can lead to higher ratings and nothing works like polarizing figures. Rigging it to keep him in the game doesn’t seem like a move the network would do. After all, Spicer’s inclusion this season has not changed ratings. Some viewers vow to switch off the series until he leaves, while others plan on sticking with the competition till its end.